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Gorilla Safari Experts

By: Adventures To Gorilla Africa Ltd!

An indigenous tours and travel company that organizes and conducts an ultimate gorilla adventure tours and safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. It is officially based in Kampala- Uganda and offers a wide range of tours and safaris of different categories.

All our tour packages are well organized with maximum attention to suite every interest of our clients right! Are you looking to visit the endangered species of mammal on earth which is the ‘Mountain gorilla’? Would you like to visit them in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park or Mgahinga gorilla national park or within Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park? Would you like to combine a gorilla trek with chimpanzees in tropical rain forests of both Uganda and Rwanda? Creating magical trips is our specialty.

We can combine several experiences into a single memorable holiday trip. Our trips range from day tours to longer safaris and can depart every day in either Rwanda or Uganda according to the preference and convinience of our clients.

Adventures To Gorilla Africa Ltd is locally owned by experienced Ugandans who have intensively traveled leading tours and safaris of different categories within its range of operation hence basing on the extensive knowledge of wildlife, Nature and culture of our passionate countries, we believe that we can arrange an incredible holiday tour and safari that can last in ones memory throughout the life.

We tailor every interest in order to meet the needs of our esteemed clients by guiding them on how to choose the right places to visit and good accommodation to correspond with their budget /pocket and time available. Our professional and well trained team are ready to help clients at any time with updated information,as they are well equipped with outstanding knowledge of nature, culture, birds, wildlife, and general history of our areas of operation hence creating the magical safari memories to our esteemed clients.

At Adventures To Gorilla Africa, we make sure all our clients get the best service, we listen to all what our guest say and provide advises as soon as possible. We handle private trips, single and small group traveler and whether on budget or luxury safari, satisfaction is our priority. We use customized 4wd safari vehicles of different sizes depending on the number of people on the tour and according to the budget/pocket of our clients. Our Office team are well trained, professional with deep knowledge on arranging best travel plans and are therefore ready to advise clients at any time 24/7 in making choice of places of interest, and that makes us the best in organizing a memorable lifetime safari experience to any trip that can depart any time of the year.

We are a team of professionals, experienced in organizing safaris in Uganda & Rwanda. We offer gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, chimpanzee tracking and other adventures.

Our safaris and tour packages are well organized with maximum attention to suite every interest of our clients right from visiting the Great apes on earth such as Endangered mountain gorilla in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park and within the Virunga volcanoes ranges National Park of Rwanda, together with Chimpanzees in tropical rain forests of both Uganda and Rwanda as our specialty.

These sometimes can be combined together with other primate trekking adventures as well as general wildlife tours experiences and cultural tours which include meeting people from different Communities as we discover their cultures so as to let you enjoy a complete package for your memorable holiday trip.

We arrange and organize private gorilla tours and safaris of all categories in different destinations, basically Uganda, Rwanda all year round and (DRC) Congo when the security situation there is cool.

Our safaris ranges from 1 up to 28 days depending on our clients request at a competitive price, by allowing the option for a Tailor made itineraries to be able to meet the needs of our clients where by our clients just tells us what they need in their specific time available then using our ground field knowledge, we share questions and set special travel plan for them.

Adventures to Gorilla Africa - About Gorilla Safari Experts

Choose to travel with us and Experience Africa deep in the Region we know well and love!

Basing on our travel arrangement experience, we are proud that our office team and safari guides are professional in rectifying problems or any other challenge that may occur in the process of handling your trip. We respond so fast to any indemnity that may happen while on safari with us. We have standby safari guides and safari vehicles for rescue purpose in case of such challenge.

At Adventures To Gorilla Africa, we offer high standard of service in arranging unforgettable gorilla holiday tours in Uganda and Rwanda at affordable price range luxury, semi-luxury and budget level as our specialty.

We are highly represented and recommended on Africa online market sites such as SafariBookings.com (www.safaribookings.com) and Tripadvisor (www.tripadvisor.com), follow us on many social media like twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. These are the websites where you can pass your review to us.

Most of our long trips will start in either Uganda and end in Rwanda or will start in Rwanda and end in Uganda respectively, but on special tailored safari we listen to your interest the choice of where to be picked on start, or dropped on the end is all upon your choice.

Uganda is undiscovered lush country known to be the ‘’Pearl of Africa’’ and the country gifted by nature as declared by Winston Churchill on his trip to Africa. This is because of the beautiful landscape, abundance of wildlife species and the friendly people, therefore let’s show you Uganda the country we know and love.

Why you choose to travel with us;

  • Committed to client Satisfaction
  • Good tour programs
  • Customized Quality Service
  • Direct Service by owners
  • Competitive costing
  • We are based in the region

Committed to client Satisfaction

The prime Focus of Adventures To Gorilla Africa is basically on client Satisfaction, Most of clients we get comprises of referral, repeat and from feedback or comment. We therefore make sure we add value to your Safari experience by offering unique and unmatched service.

Good tour Programs

Unlike other operators and tour agents, Adventures To Gorilla Africa makes sure that all Tour programs are designed in conjunction with our clients by considering their unique interest, time and budget. We make sure both of our already designed and Tailor made tour itinerary fit well in the interest of most clients by ensuring that all promised activities are fixed in right time.

Customized, Personal Quality service

Our safari itineraries are more open and though designed but we don’t fix departure dates, we therefore leave them open to allow our clients choose very well what fits in their available time and we do listen carefully to what they want, we recommend and offer guiding and advises to client through the process of deciding what is best for them.

Dealing Direct with Owners

We do commit ourselves in ensuring the best services and therefore the founder take part in designing and arranging all the tours and safaris that come direct and through this company to make sure client get satisfied since the founder know this by experience.

Competitive Costing

On Regular basis we do compare our prices with those of our competitors which enables us to make sure we provide the great value for your money at unbeatable price and basically our costs are significantly lower than those of our competitors.

We are based in the Region

Adventures To Gorilla Africa is locally owned and therefore we have local knowledge about the product. We are familiar with the region’s geography wildlife, people’s culture and climate together with road maps. We do also take our time to travel around our destinations regularly to confirm some changes and upcoming places to keep ourselves updated with enough information that we share with our clients.

Our Contacts

P. O. BOX, 230 Kampala, Uganda
Mirage Plaza Level 2,
Room ML2-05
Plot 756 Port Bell Road, Kitintale
Tel: +256 392 159428
Tel: +256 703 360433
Email: info@gorillasafariexperts.com


Our Services

  • Wildlife safaris
  • Gorilla tracking adventure
  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Chimpanzee habituation experience
  • Golden monkey tracking and other primates
  • Photo expeditions
  • Nature walks.
  • Bird watching
  • Cultural experience
  • Mountain climbing
  • White water rafting experience
  • Tailor made Safaris for personalized itinerary arrangements