Safari Lodges in both Uganda and Rwanda provide ideal accommodation options for any traveler on Safari, Leisure or Business. This may either be a Hotel or a finest Safari lodge. The two differ in room Size, set up, Location and service they provide to guests. A Safari lodge on the other hand is found in National park with few room which may be in cottage, cabin, or tented and most of safari lodges in Uganda are built with the touch of African culture and tradition. Hotels are located within town areas and comprised of many rooms in a single Building.

Uganda and Rwanda both offers a range of accommodation options in both remote areas and town centers, which are categorized as luxury, Mid-range and Budget. Some of these lodges are strategically located in and around forests, to give ideal base for Mountain gorilla trekking adventures, especially in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda and Volcanoes National Park Rwanda.


Safari Lodge – Accommodation Categories

Luxury ; This is accommodation facility is usually well equipped and offers wide range of services providing more comfort  and posses more specious set up. It’s specifically for travelers who have high end budget and require special services  for example people on Vacation, Honeymooners and holiday maker that need special care. Luxurious lodges and Hotels may charge from $350 and upwards depending on where its located.

Mid-Range; This accommodation establishments are comprised of nice rooms which are self contained with both hot and cold water in their bathrooms giving ideal comfort for any traveler, vacation maker, holiday travelers but with a quite reasonable budget. Prices may range between $150 – $300 depending on where the facility is located.

Budget / Standard; This facility may have bathroom inside with Hot water or may have shared bathroom depending on where its located. It offers dinning for all meals and Bar where drinks are served, but amenities and other service standards may not bring it to high cost. The location may be so good too. Charges may be between $50 – $100 This is specifically for any traveler who has limited budget in order to fulfill other interest of trip

Paraa Lodge - uganda safari lodges
NYUNGWE FOREST LODGE, Rwanda safari lodges

Rwanda Gorilla Safari Packages

These pre-planned Rwanda gorilla safaris are all-inclusive and can be customized to meet any traveler’s demands.

Uganda Safari Packages