What are the Events and festivals in Uganda? Uganda has a number of traditional events and festivals that happen after a specific period of time so to say monthly, quarterly or annually. Uganda is a country in East Africa, blessed with rich culture, beautiful scenery, friendly people and amazing Wildlife.

The African traditional festivals in Uganda are entertaining and full of fun as they are attended by thousands of people from all over the world and within the country. These festivals show Uganda’s culture, foods, music, arts and film. Events and Festivals in Uganda are organized by different government sectors and private companies. We have listed some of the popular festivals in Uganda.

  1. This is Uganda festival

This festival takes place at Kyadondo Rugby club in Kampala city and it show cases the cultural diversity of Uganda through music, art, poetry, dance and foods. The festival also promotes women rights and provides HIV awareness by providing a lounge area for socializing and providing information.

  1. Nyege Nyege Festival

Events and Festivals in Uganda

Nyege Nyege festival takes place in Jinja along the Nile. The festival attracts people from all over the world and many performing artists across the globe. The festival lasts for many days and has multi stages, its considered the biggest electronic music festival in East Africa. There are a lot of live performances and all kinds of foods at this festival.

  1. Festival of the Nile

The festival of the Nile happens for a week every year where the people around come to celebrate all that the Nile has to offer. A lot of activities on the Nile are participated in such as kayaking, rafting and more. The festival also shows the art and culture in Uganda through dance, music, theatre and storytelling. The festival of the Nile is one of the popular festivals in Uganda.

  1. Bayimba International Festival of Music

This festival is one of Uganda’s most attended festivals and it takes place at Lunkulu island on the shores of Lake Victoria. The festival presents Uganda’s finest artists and the upcoming talents in music, dance, theatre, film and visual arts.

  1. Rolex Festival

A Rolex is a special and popular snack in Uganda made by wrapping an omelet, raw tomatoes and vegetables in a chapatti. A Rolex is cheap, convenient and readily available. Its common in university students and many people along the streets of Kampala. The Rolex festival was launched in 2016 and its celebrated annually. The festival is filled with all types of Rolex, a lot of drinks and music. Rolex festival attracts people from all over the world and if you happen to be in Kampala at its time, the Rolex festival is worth attending. The Rolex festival is full of fun and attracts a lot of musicians. Rolex has been named by CNN as the fat growing food in Uganda.

  1. Nile Gold Jazz Safari

Nile gold jazz festival is a one-day festival in Kampala that started in 2008 and has gained prominence over time. The festival attracts jazz music lovers and it intends to promote jazz in East and Central Africa. The music is always fantastic and everyone is welcome to attend.

  1. Kampala City Festival

Kampala festival happens every first week of October where the city is filled with beautiful sounds and lively rhythms. It is one of the biggest annual festivals in East Africa. The festival aims at celebrating the unity, culture and social life in Uganda. A lot of eats and drinks are available during the festival.

  1. Namugongo Martyr’s Day

Events and Festivals in Uganda

Every 3rd June, Uganda remembers the Christian martyrs that were killed by Buganda king after failing to re announce their Christian faith. This day attracts thousands of people from far and wide who come in faith. Some pilgrims walk far distances to show their faith and some begin arriving at the shrines a week to the celebration day.

  1. Green Festival

Green festival is a festival aimed at teaching children the adverse effects of climate change and how to combat them. Children aged 2-12 years participate in this festival and each child is given a tree to plant back home. Children are brought in by their parents and a lot is taught to them like recycling, keeping the environment clean and green.

  1. Uganda Film Festival

Uganda film festival is organized by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) aiming at film exhibition, film screenings, workshops, forums and it lasts up to a week. The festival was established in 2013 to promote local film industry and bring film industry stake holders in a structured and focused environment.

The above festivals are a few of the many festivals that happen in Uganda. If it happens that you’re in Uganda at the time of any festivals happening, you need to attend and you will surely enjoy and have fun. Attending events and festivals allows you to learn and emerse yourself in Uganda’s culture and even make friends as you mingle with the locals.

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