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Aruu Falls in Pader, Northern Uganda

Aruu falls are located in Northern Uganda in Pader District along the Gulu – Kitgum road. It is approximately 47 kms from Gulu and 57 kms from Kitgum and about 386 kms as one comes from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. On Angagura town just after Aswa bridge the spectacular Aruu falls are about 15 minutes drive on dusty road. These water falls are one place you must visit for a breathtaking experience; the magnificent falls looks so amazing as the water falls over the rocks as you view from the bottom.

The stunning Aruu falls is an eye catching where by one part of the waterfall gets better than the other as you make a hike around. The Visit to these water falls is only beautiful on a day adventure in Pader, the water looks so clean for people to swim but you swim on your own risk as the disclaimer is clear. However, Visitors to falls should bare it in mind that rocks are slippery as one slopes down and be ready to remove the shoes to be able to cross the river on bare foot. Again it’s advisable to be careful with phones and cameras in case you have to take them along. This activity is not recommended for very old people, disabled and young children.

At Aruu falls, there is a campsite where visitors can camp for a night but you don’t expect perfect/good service. For those who need descent and nice accommodation, you may stay in Kitgum town, try at  Fugley’s Guest House, Kitgum Royal Hotel, Bomah hotel, Acaki Lodge and Pleasant lodge or while Gulu town try either at Bomah hotel, Churchill Courts Hotel, Acholi Inn, Dich Comfort Hotel Hotel Aluku Deluxe, Jojo’s Palace Annex and many others. The Aruu falls and nearby campsite are not much developed but just amazing on a day visit. You need to make this stop and take this adventurous visit to the amazing water falls on your way to Kidepo valley national park or while on your way from Kidepo or Kitgum as an activity on your itinerary.

Accessing the falls by car, you need to know that, a good working 4WD Vehicle is recommended, with high clearance. This is because, the road is narrow, bumpy and slippery especially when it rains. Visitors to Aruu falls are Expected to pay entrance fees worth about UGX. 5000 =$ 02. From the Main road, Boda bodas (moto bikes) can take you to the 7 km Aruu falls at a cost between UGX.6000 -7000.  The employees are there who are so friendly and ready to welcome you and take you around for a such amazing experience.


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