The Hot springs in Uganda are one of the tourist attractions that visitors from all walks of life should not miss to visit and learn about. The hot springs in Uganda are well dispersed across the different regions of the country with each one of them being unique to the others.

What are Hot Springs? Hot springs are springs of naturally heated water that rises above the earth’s surface forming a pool of hot water as a result of geothermal activity on the floor of earth’s crust.

These hot springs are so beautiful and very impressive to look at and learn about the history and beliefs about them. All the hot springs in Uganda. Below are the hot springs in Uganda;

  1. Sempaya hot springs

Sempaya hot springs are found in Semuliki national park in Bundibugyo district in western Uganda and is one of the most visited hot springs in Uganda. The name Sempaya originated from a Kiswahili phrase Sehemu Mbaya (difficult side) owing to the steep challenging rocks and terrain during the construction of Fort portal- Bundibugyo road along the ridges of Rwenzori mountains. The Sempaya hot springs are in two hot springs, the female (Nyasimbi) and male hot springs (Biteete).

The Bamaga clan that live around Sempaya hot springs believe that a man named Biteete was sighted in the forest with a spear and a dog. He was later brought from the forest and given a wife from the village from where he continued hunting but he later disappeared and his spear was found at the present day male spring. So they believe he disappeared here at the male hot spring. When his wife Nyansimbi was told she also ran to the forest and never returned, on looking for her only her clothes were found at the present day female hot spring. So the Bamaga clan believe their female ancestors live under the female hot spring and the male ancestors live beneath the male hot spring.

The locals here believe the waters of the hot springs cure diseases, infertility for the women and more. The water is hot enough to cook some foods like eggs, porridge, cassava and more.

  1. Kitagata hot springs

The best hot springs in Uganda

Kitagata hot springs are located near Kitagata trading center along Kagamba- Ishaka high way in Bushenyi district in western Uganda. These hot springs are so famous especially to people in western Uganda as they believe that it has powers to cure diseases and illnesses. Kitagata hot springs is also known as Mulago in reference to Uganda’s biggest referral hospital. Many people come to have a bath in this hot springs with belief that they will be cured of their illness.

Kitagata hot springs is the busiest among all the hot springs in Uganda as many people go there to either take a bath or drink the water. The hot spring has two parts, the hot side where it’s too hot to even cook eggs and the warm side where people take their baths. The area has some roofed houses where the sick people have rest as they continue to bathe in the hot spring.

  1. Amoropii hot spring

Amoropii hot spring is located in Nebbi district in northern Uganda. Amoro means hot and pii means water in Alur language and so the hot spring was named Amoropii to mean hot water. The hot spring is located near the panyimur fishing village and it’s so treasured by the Alur people who believe in its healing powers.

Accessing Amoropii hot spring one needs to get permission and if not you might get some repercussions such as snake bites and bareness for women. The people surrounding the hot spring believe that it has divine powers to cure diseases, give a soft and tender skin and more like giving children to the barren women. With the traditional beliefs, the Alur people sacrifice big sheep to the gods of Amoropii every six months.

  1. Kibiro hot springs

Kibiro hot springs are found in Hoima district in Western Uganda and these are the least visited hot springs in Uganda. The less number of visitors is blamed on the remote location of the hot springs. Locals around the Kibiro hot springs believe that it has healing powers and often they swim or bathe in to get rid of their illnesses.

  1. Buraga Hot springs.

Buraga hot springs are located near Rwenzori mountains in Bundibugyo district in western Uganda. Buraga hot springs are in three parts that is Mumbuga hot spring, kagoro hot spring, Nyansimbe hot spring. These three hot springs are just walkable distance from each other. These can be visited on the way to kibale forest national park and Rwenzori mountains.

  1. Rwagimba hot springs

Rwagimba hot springs are found along river Rwimi between Kasese and Kabarole districts in western Uganda. The hot spring is believed to have healing powers and anyone who bathes its waters gets fine. It can be visited while on a tour to Kibale national park, Rwenzori mountains and other tourist areas in western Uganda.

  1. Ihimba hot springs

Ihimba hot springs are located in Kabale district in western Uganda along the Kabiulil- Katuna road. These hot springs are so significant to bahima people who share a lot of history with the springs. Like any other hot springs, Ihimba is believed to have healing powers and often many people visit the area to get cured of their diseases.



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