Uganda is a home to a number of prides of lions that roam in the savanna national parks. The best places to see Lions in Uganda include Kidepo national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Ishasha & Murchison falls national park. Among all Uganda national parks, Queen Elizabeth national park is the best place to see lions especially in the Ishasha sector. Be sure to add one of the named parks on your itinerary for better chance to views and encounters with lions. Seeing a pride of lines while on an African safari to Uganda is amazing and so thrilling that it leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Best Places to See Lions in Uganda, Where to see Lions in Africa

Queen Elizabeth national park has lions both in the south and northern area. In the northern part of the park especially the Kasenyi plains, lions can be seen early in the morning or late in the afternoon during the game drive Safari. Ishasha sector in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park of Uganda is the best place to see tree climbing lions as they rest up in branches of old fig trees.

The Queen Elizabeth national park is also where lion tracking experience is done in Uganda. Experiential Lion tracking game drive allows visitors to get close to different prides of lion in this beautiful park while learning about their feeding habits and other behaviors.  The lion experiential game drive Safari is done in company of an experienced lion researchers working under the Uganda Carnivore program. These researcher ensures that visitors on this kind of game drive are safe and enjoying the tour.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley national park is the most remote park in Uganda located on the north eastern border of Uganda, Kenya and Sudan. Lions sighting in Kidepo are increasing due to the growing number of lions in the area. Unlike in other national parks due to its unchanging nature which has remained the same like many years back, the population of lions is steadily growing. If you are interested in seeing lions on your Uganda Safari,  you won’t regret visiting Kidepo valley national park in Uganda.

Lions in Kidepo are one of the top attractions of the park and being that Kidepo is hard to reach it receives a minimum number of tourists leaving it virgin and un discovered true African wilderness.

Murchison Falls National Park

Best places to see lions in Uganda, Where to see lions in Africa

Murchison falls national park is the oldest and largest conservation area in Uganda. It is one of the best places to see lions while on Uganda Safari. Lions in Murchison falls national park can be seen during early morning and evening game drives in the park especially if the guide have enough knowledge of the best spots or tracks where to see lions.

The  pride of Lions in all the above national parks can be seen resting, climbing trees, playing or hunting for prey. This is always a good experience while on any safari to Uganda savanna parks. Lions are some of the greatest fierce carnivores that live in savanna grasslands, dense bushes and woodlands. Other places you can stand chances to see lions in Uganda include Semuliki national park and Pian Upe wildlife reserve.

Best Accommodation options are available in each of the national park to enable visitors enjoy an early morning game drive to search for lions. If lions are among your trip highlits, recommendation is to book a lodge that is either inside the national park or just at the entrance of the park. Booking a lodge nearby the place for game drive, increases chances to see lions by making sure you start early and find them early before the place gets warm.

Book and take a tour in Uganda to see the King of the Jungle in the Pearl of Africa.

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