Birds of Uganda/ Birding in Uganda: Top 30 stunning birds of Uganda: On every Safari or Birding in Uganda, visitors get to see a number of birds given the big number recorded in the country. Great habitats for birds in Uganda support the existence of a great number of birds species including the Albertine rift endemics. There over 1030 bird species in Uganda and these are mostly seen in the birding spots like national parks, forests, swamps and near lakes and rivers. We name top 30 stunning birds that are mostly seen on Uganda safari.

  1. Shoebill Stork

Birds of Uganda

The shoebill stork is one of the most thought after birds among birders and it is well known for its large bill shaped like a shoe. This bird is rare and usually found in swampy areas of Uganda mostly near Lake Victoria at Mabamba swamp, and Murchison falls national park. It’s always a fascinating experience finding and viewing the shoebill up close. This bird hunts at night and mostly feed on lizards, snakes, rats, fish and more.

  1. Great Blue Turaco

One of the common birds the Blue Turaco is a beautiful bird found in forests, montane and savanna areas. It has yellow breast, reddish yellow beak and turquoise body. They have red markings around the eyes. In Uganda it can be seen in Bigodi wetland sanctuary, Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, Budongo forest and more.

  1. Green Breasted Pitta

It is a rare bird difficult to spot making it one of the most sought after birds. They usually hiding in the forests and usually seen in the mornings in the months of June to August.

  1. Banded Prinia

Banded Prinia is a montane forest bird, highly distinctive heavily banded on the breast and with two white wingbars. The banded prinia is a specie of birds belonging to the family cisticolidae. It is commonly seen in south western Uganda in Bwindi forest, Burundi, Rwanda, Central Africa Republic and DR Congo.

  1. Rwenzori Batis

This is a black and white colored bird found in montane forests and its one of the Albertine rift endemic birds. It has usually feed on beetles and arthropods and can be seen in highland forest such as Bwindi forest in Southwestern Uganda.

  1. Short Tailed Warbler

Birds of Uganda

Its grey brown in color with distinctive striped pattern and has a very short tail. They lie in tropical moist montane forests and they are small in size.

  1. African Green Broadbill

One of the Albertine endemics living in the montane forests in the Albertine region. It has green feathers, light blue throat, breast and tail. The numbers of this bird are threatened despite its conservation. They are mostly seen sitting motionless in the canopy. In Uganda they are mostly seen in Ruhija area of Bwindi Impenetrable national park .

  1. Black bee eater

This is a bird commonly seen in the forest canopy especially on dry branches of tall trees in the tropical forest. It is one of the unique birds of Uganda.

  1. African Crowned Crane

Birds of Uganda

Also known as the Uganda national bird and appears on the Ugandan flag. Also known as crested crane it lives in grassy wetlands of Uganda. It’s usually seen among cattle herds and usually seen dancing.

  1. Common Ostrich

It’s the biggest and heaviest bird in the world. Ostrich is also the fastest bird in the two legged creatures laying the largest eggs. They can be seen in Kidepo national park in north eastern Uganda.

  1. Black breasted Barbet

It’s differentiated from other black and white birds by its large white bill. These birds are slowly losing their habitats given that it’s a solitary bird and likes to live in dense vegetation which is being destroyed by the increased human population. They feed on vegetables, plantations and grains. It has a black breast, red, white and black belly. They live in savanna, gardens, woodland, figs and trees with fruits. Barbets live in pairs or smaller groups.

  1. Bar Tailed Trogon

Lives in high altitude forests sitting motionless. It is about 28cm long with the males having a blue black head and females a brown head with ornamental bare skin. The bird has yellow bill and wide tails.

  1. Handsome Francolin

birds of Uganda

It’s a large forest bird with red bill and bare red skin around the eyes. They usually live in montane forests and bamboo. Handsome francolin grow up to 35cm long and the females are slightly smaller than the males. They are mostly seen in south western Uganda.

  1. Mountain Masked Apalis

Belongs to the Cisticolidae family and is native to the Albertine Rift montane forests. They grow up to 12cm and feed on insects, beetles, larvae and more

  1. Marabou Stork

Have huge bills, pick gular sack hanging down their neck, black wings and skinny white legs. It is usually referred to as the ugliest bird in Uganda. The marabou stork is strange from many bird species with odd behaviors.

  1. Regal Sunbird

A native to the Albertine rift montane forests. The males have their heads and upper parts in golden green, dark wings and red and yellow breast and belly.

  1. Grauers Warbler

The Grauers warbler Grows up to 14cm long and weigh up to 18g. They have a greenish body and greyish head.

  1. Yellow Billed Oxpecker

Has a wide bill, stiff tail and sharp claws. Oxpeckers usually feed by clinging on big animals and picking ticks, flies and maggots. They are brown and about 20cm long. It is native to the savanna.

  1. Goliath Heron

It’s an aquatic bird living in swamps and near lakes or any water body. It’s a giant wading bird and the largest heron in the world. Both male and female are marked with slate gray and chestnut feathers, bushy crest on the head and white chin, throat, breast and neck. It is usually seen along kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth national park.

  1. Secretary Bird

Lives in savanna, steppes and plains. It’s also sometimes seen in bushy areas and in Uganda its common in queen Elizabeth national park. It is mostly white with bands of black on its wings and top of legs, shaggy central tail feathers and have thick blunt armed short claws unlike the grasping claws in other birds.

  1. Saddle Billed Stork

It’s a large wading bird and one of the stork family. It is one of the tallest birds and has a big red bill with a black band and yellow shield (saddle) with hanging small wattles below the beak. Females have yellow eyes and are smaller than the males. The males have dark brown eyes. They can be seen in Murchison falls national park and along kazinga channel in Uganda. They are solitary and shy birds.

  1. African Paradise Flycatcher

It’s a beautiful birds found in open woodland, gardens, bushes and forests usually alone or in pairs. It is a black headed bird with other colors being white, rufous and many other variations.

  1. Pied Kingfisher

Commonly seen around Lake Victoria and Murchison falls national park in Uganda. It’s about 17cm long with a black mask, white in color and black breast bands. They feeds mostly on fish and nests in holes in mud about 5feet above water.

  1. Black Headed Gonolek

It’s a brilliant black and red thrush sized bird common in savanna habitats. In Uganda they found mostly in western Uganda in woodland bushes and thickets. They feed on insects on ground and in bushes.

  1. Long Crested Eagle

It’s one of the African birds of prey and it is dark brown with long white patches at the joint of wings. It has long and broad wings and it’s underwing coverts are white. The long crested eagle feeds on rodents and is usually seen in the morning and evening perched on trees waiting on its prey.

  1. Ross’s Turaco

Usually seen in forested areas near water bodies and wetlands. It’s about 54cm long with yellow bill, yellow eye patches and brilliant crimson chest and outer wings. They feed on berries, fruits, insects and snails. they are common in trees with fruits. Turaco have long tails for balancing on branches and their feet have excellent grip.

  1. African Spoonbill

It’s a long legged wading bird that is mostly white with red legs, face and bill. It has a spoon like bill which helps in identification. They feed on fish, insects, larvae and other water invertebrates. They live, nest and feed around water bodies like lakes, marshes, flood plains and reservoirs. Spoonbills are usually silent and makes a sound when alarmed.

  1. African Jacana,

Birding in Uganda

African Jacana have striking long legs and long toes that enable them walk on floating vegetation as they feed on them especially water lilies. They are common in wetlands, ponds, lakes and so in Uganda they can be seen around lakes like Victoria, Albert and Edward. African Jacana are very noisy, calling a series of rapid repeated shrill squeals and rattling notes.

  1. Yellow Wagtail

Has a short tail and is the smallest compared to other wagtails. They have a bright yellow vent, pinkish legs, wings with single white bar visible from both above and below.

  1. African Pied Wagtail

African pied wagtail has white and grey patches on their stomach, face and wings. They are black along the back, neck, bars of wings and tail. The bird gets the name from its tail that keeps waging. They feed on insects, seeds, and wasted litter. They are small birds measuring to a length of 18cm.


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