Boat cruise in Lake Mburo national park takes place on lake Mburo which is the largest lake found in the center of the park. The Boat ride at Lake mburo national park is a great rewarding activity that one should not miss out as it guarantees amazing views of the park and its inhabitants. Boat cruise on Lake Mburo takes 2 hours per trip and there is a boat trip in the morning, mid-morning and afternoon boat ride.

The Lake Mburo national park derives its name from Lake Mburo that is found within the park. It is the smallest savannah national park in Uganda and the closest park to Kampala city. Lake Mburo national park has 5 lakes with lake Mburo being the biggest of all. The beautiful Lake Mburo national park is located between Masaka and Mbarara districts approximately 4-hour drive from Kampala city.

Boat trips on Lake Mburo are run and managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority, it has both big boat and small boat which are operated by experienced captain. Many people on Lake Mburo Safari are willing to take part in this activity so visitors are requested to book in advance since the boats have a limited number of people it can carry at a specific time.

How much is the boat ride in Lake Mburo national park?

A 2 hour Boat ride on Lake mburo in both small and big boat cost $ 30 for foreign non resident visitors, $ 25 for foreign residents and Ugx. 30,000 for East African Citizens. The price is subject capacity, Boats will move only with minimum number or Maximum capacity. A minimum of 4 people for small boats and 15 people for big boats.

The best time to go on a boat cruise in lake Mburo is during the dry season when the lake is calm and the animals come to the lake to quench their thirst. Animals expected to be seen during the boat ride on Lake mburo include hippos, zebras, impalas, crocodiles, buffalo, warthog and hippopotamus among many wildlife.

Boat Cruise in Lake Mburo National Parrk

For bird lovers/ bird wachers, this is also the best time to see a lot of bird species including African finfoot, egrets, night herons, African fish eagle, pied kingfisher, the black throated barbet, brown chested wattled plover, papyrus gonolek, papyrus yellow warblers and many more.

What else can i see while on Safari in Lake Mburo?

There are many other activities to do while on safari in Lake Mburo national park and these include; Guided Nature walk, Game drive safari, Night game drive, Cultural tour and Bird watching.

Boat Cruise in Lake Mburo National Park

Where to stay while on Safari in Lake Mburo national park, there are many lodges and camps at lake mburo national park that provide both luxury accommodation, moderate and budget accommodation. Best lodges in Lake mburo national park include Mihingo lodge, Kigambira Safari Lodge, Rwakobo Rock Lodge, Kimbula mantana tented camp, Lake Mburo Safari Lodge, Eagles Nest Camp, Leopard rest Camp and Nsahara Campsite.

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