Boat ride is one of the amazing adventurous activities that travellers whish to do on Lake Bunyonyi while on Uganda trip. Lake Bunyonyi is the most beautiful volcanic deepest lake in Uganda and the second in Africa after Lake Tanyanyika in Tanzania. The beautiful lake bunyonyi is found in Kabale district, south western Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi has about 29 islands of which some are inhabited by people these include, Akampene also known as the punishment island, Kyahungye island, Bushara island, Bwama island which is the largest and Bucuranuka island also called upside down island.

Boat ride and trip on Lake Bunyonyi Kabale Uganda

Being the deepest lake in the region, lake Bunyonyi is not inhabited by dangerous animals like hippos and crocodiles making it safe to get nice swimming experience as well as on boats and canoes. The local people use canoes and motorized boats to move from one island to another so you can also participate in canoe ride.

If interested, you either choose to be paddled or you do the paddling yourself with the help of a guide. Alternatively you can decide to use a more safer motorized boat to visit different islands.  You will get opportunity to learn about the history and also the importance of the lake the people living in this region.

There are many more activities that you can do when you visit lake Bunyonyi and these include, mountain biking, visiting the Batwa/pygmies, bird watching, swimming, community visits, hikes and zip lining.

Boat Ride and Trip on Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi is a calm and Birrhazia free so people are allowed to swim only that the problem is the depth so you must trust your swimming experience as it is clear that swimming is at your own risk.

If you are wondering about where you can spend a night, lake bunyonyi has the best Accommodation on its shores including Birdnest Resort at Lake Bunyonyi, Bunyonyi Overland Resort, Arcadia cottages lake Bunyonyi, Om Hostel Bunyonyi, Lake Bunyonyi Rock resort and Bunyonyi Safari Resort.

On the island you can stay at Natures prime, Bushara island, Bunyonyi eco resort, Byoona Amagara island retreat, Hawks eye lake Bunyonyi and many others.

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