Get your Gorilla trekking Uganda offers for 2023, book a discounted Gorilla Safari with cheap gorilla permits & transfers guaranteed to & from Bwindi forest. Currently Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has NO discounted gorilla permits but Gorilla trekking in Uganda remain the cheapest option for budget travellers compared to a gorilla tour in Rwanda where a permit cost $1500.

Promotional gorilla permits were an incentive for tour operators in Uganda which started in December 2020 to June 2021 after when the industry was reopened from lockdown. This was set purposely to revive the tourism sector that had been hit hard by the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

The promotional rates were offered in form of Cheap gorilla permits, Chimpanzee trekking permits and reduced park entrance to savanna parks around the country that lasted from December 2020 to June 2021 which was great to promote tourism in Uganda. The tourism sector in Uganda like in any other country was greatly affected by the coronavirus global pandemic and it was suspended from march 2020 until October 2020 when the international airport and the borders were opened.

Gorilla Trekking Permits in Uganda - Gorilla Safari Offers

Having reopened the country to international visits, Uganda Wildlife Authority reopened all the national parks and reserves to tourists. The tourist traffic was so low and in an effort to promote Uganda’s tourism from the effects it had suffered during Covid-19 pandemic, Uganda Wildlife Authority was to introduce promotional rates on gorilla and chimpanzee permits. Currently the industry is getting reasonable number of visitors and therefore no promotional permits.

What are the Gorilla Safari offers then?

Although no promotional gorilla permits by Uganda wildlife Authority, tourists who choose to travel with Gorilla Safari Experts by Adventures To Gorilla Africa Ltd, still have opportunity to enjoy discounted safari offers. This tour company will give you best price on transfers, and accommodation such that you can enjoy the best trip at lower cost. The cost of all tourism activities in Uganda remains affordable to any traveler. Chimpanzee and gorilla permits in Uganda are still considered cheap as follows;

Current Price of Gorilla Trekking permit in Uganda

  • Foreign non-residents pay $700
  • Foreign residents pay $600
  • East Africans pay UGX 250,000

Chimpanzee Tracking permits for Kibale Forest National Park

  • Foreign non-residents pay $200
  • Foreign residents pay $150
  • East Africans pay UGX 150,000

Golden Monkey Trekking Permit for Mgahinga national park is $100. for all international visitors, and $90 for foreign resident in East Africa.

A gorilla trekking tour in Uganda includes, gorilla permit, transfers and accommodation, therefore consider booking your lodge near the start point of your gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable national park. Note that Bwindi forest has 4 gorilla trekking sectors or call it gorilla trail heads. The gorilla tour experience in all the four sectors around Bwindi forest remain the same.

Discounted Uganda gorilla permits

Uganda still offers the cheap gorilla permits at $700 to enable tourist opportunity to enjoy activities in other national park on a single visit and on a small cost. Park entrance fees are affordable by both foreign tourists and locals. A Safari in Uganda Savanna game parks includes; Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo national park, Murchison falls national park, Kidepo Valley national park, Semuliki wildlife reserve and some wildlife reserves like Katonga, Kabwoya, Pian Upe, Toro Semuliki wildlife reserves. Here Visitors will stand chance to enjoy the land where the tropical forests of Africa meets the plain Savanna and watch varieties of Wildlife up close.

Uganda continues to do everything possible to revive its tourism sector as many people especially those around the national parks have always depended on the proceeds from tourism. The government fears they might resort to poaching and other habits so Uganda wildlife Authority that manages all national parks and wildlife reserve areas continues to encourage all visitors to adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines during their visit to the pearl of Africa.

Uganda is a home to half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas and these are in Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park. All these parks are open for visitors but everyone must adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPS) set by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Remember to wear your mask at all times, wash your hands or sanitize and always follow the gorilla trekking rules and chimpanzee tour guidelines in place.


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