Buhoma Community walk tour is the village walk that is done on trails around the Buhoma region which is one of the four sectors of Bwindi impenetrable national park. Buhoma was the first sector to open for tourism and up to date it’s the most preferred sector to go for gorilla trekking. The Buhoma community walk tour allows visitors to directly interact with the locals, learn about their lifestyle and even participate in some of the activities like tea and coffee picking, traditional/ cultural dances and many others.

Buhoma  Village walk lasts from 1 hour up to 3 hours and in this time a lot of activities are done. You will begin by visiting the local women who make hand crafts such as baskets, mats, necklaces and more. You can even support by buying from them as this directly impacts positively on their daily lives.

Buhoma Community Walk, Village Tour

As you continue on your community walk in Buhoma, you will observe men and women working hard on their fields not using any machines but their arms and hoes. In the farms along the village walk during the coffee and tea season, visitors get to watch the great skills that the locals use to pick coffee and tea leaves and you are welcome to participate pick some tea leaves and coffee beans and carry some processed products along with you back home to enjoy.

Along the walking trail, you get to cross Munyaga River where women are seen washing their clothes in a traditional way of using hands. There are many beautiful butterflies here at river Munyaga.

Still on the community walk in Buhoma, you will still see how the local people process bananas locally into a gin called Waragi. Then visit a traditional healer who has the skills to cure many illness using the local plants and leaves from the forest, he will demonstrate how some of these local herbs work on different illness. You will then proceed to visit a Primary school to see how the children of the local people attend school with high hopes of the future despite the poor conditions in which they study.

Buhoma Community walk , Village Tour

Visitors end their Buhoma community visit with a visit to the Batwa community who once lived in harmony with mountain gorillas but were displaced by the government with no compensation to declare Bwindi forest a national park. These Batwa perform dances and songs in relation to their past lives in the forest. The time you spend on the community walk is so rewarding with great information about the lives of people living around Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Remember that you are escorted by a well-informed guide to lead you and provide all the information along the Buhoma Village walk trail. Participating in this walk you are directly contributing to the welfare of the community people. Different individual community organizations are available at Buhoma near Bwindi park entrance to guide you on Buhoma community village walk trail. These include; Buhoma Community Rest Camp, Batwa Rock and Cave Settlement, Buhoma Village tour and Bwindi Nature walking Safaris.

Buhoma community walk. Village Tour

Visitors need to carry some essential items for the walk for example strong walking shoes, waterproof jackets, sunscreen, hat, camera and more. Remember the area is a mountainous and has a rain forest therefore expect rain at any time and be mentally ready for the walk. The proceeds from the tourism activities in the community help in projects of the community like water and sanitation, schools, hospital and more. Buy yourself some crafts from the craft shops and you will have positively impacted on the lives of the locals. This Activity can be added on your Safari itinerary for Bwindi gorilla trekking in Uganda by the trusted tour agency.

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