Buniga Forest Trail


Buniga forest trail is worth visiting as the walk takes you back to the ancient lives and culture of the Batwa, the first inhabitants of Bwindi Impenetrable forest. The Batwa people lived in harmony with endangered mountain gorillas before 1991, the time when the forest was gazetted as a national park.

The Buniga forest trail found in Nkuringo Sector is a USAID initiative that is run by Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation (NCCDF) to enable the Batwa community preserve their culture and earn a living through guiding the visitors. Buniga forest is found in Nkuringo sector of Bwindi Impenetrable national park in south western Uganda.

Buniga Forest Trail

Approximately 3 Hours Forest walk

The forest trail takes you on a 1 km walking journey where you learn about the life lived by the Batwa people, an indigenous group of people that lived in the forest together with the endangered mountain gorillas, During te Buniga forest walk, you will enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the forest and you can even spot some of the animals like primates living in Buniga forest.

Along the trail visitors are guided by the local Batwa guides who have the best knowledge of their survival and life in the forest. During the Buniga forest walk, visitors can still take a 5km drive to visit Sanuriiro community where the displaced Batwa now live and earn a living by weaving handcrafts like bags and necklaces.

Buniga forest trail

Buniga Trail – Batwa experience

Also a long the walking trail, visitors get to experience the culture, wildlife, great views and a lot of plant life. visitors are taken through the ways the Batwa lived and depended on the forest for their foods, medicines, dressing and shelter made from the local materials available. The guides will demonstrate how the Batwa hunted for meat, how to make fire and so much more therefore the Buniga trail is worth going for.

Buniga forest trail has created away for the Batwa to earn a living in a new world that they were displaced to by guiding and promoting their heritage. The trail is conducted by the Batwa guides who have the first hand information of their heritage that was passed down to them by their ancestors.



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