While planning a trip to Uganda, you may wonder if you can donate to help children in a community or sponsor a child in Uganda schools. Yes you can! Your donation can support and change the life of a child in Ugandan community. Uganda  is a land locked country in East Africa whereby 41% of Uganda’s population live in poverty and Uganda has a record of hosting the largest refugee population in Africa.

Therefore many people live from hand to mouth, meaning what they make is what they eat and survive on. Most Ugandans practice farming and get food for home consumption only and there are even those that can’t afford a meal per day. Acts of charity from different people across the world have always been a source of hope for many children and poor people in Uganda.

If you are interested to meet children and offer support, sponsor a child in school or donate any material things to children in Uganda, it’s advisable to inform your tour consultant to add you extra hours to visit communities.  Most tour companies in Uganda such as Adventures To Gorilla Africa Ltd offer you a community tour where you can connect to local people, visit schools and charity organizations where you can easily share your gifts directly to Ugandan child freely.

Best things you can donate to help children in Uganda

If you are wondering if it’s a good idea carrying something on your Uganda trip and donate to help children in Uganda, then yes you can be a hero in the life of a child in Uganda. This is because no hungry person will say no to any donation. Many different items can be donated but it’s always good to donate a meaningful gift that will transform the child’s future life. In this case, most children in Ugandan schools lack the basic needs in life and so you can donate to help children in Uganda with some of the following things;

  1. Food. Though it may sound an obvious thing that anyone would have that’s not the case in some Villages in Uganda. Many families in Uganda go days hungry, others depend on begging with even no hope of the next day’s meal. So donating food to poor people in Uganda would save many lives that die from hunger each day.
  2. Clothes. Many children and women in some parts of Uganda live their lives half naked or with just a few old dirty and sometimes torn clothes to wear. In some villages children are seen in just t-shirts or shorts so donatining to help children with some clothes is always appreciated.
  3. Scholastic Materials. Some of the children that would wish to attend schools in Uganda, lack the needed items to use while at school, many children have dropped out due to lack of these items and so it would be a great contributing to the children’s education by donating items like Books, Pens, Pencils, School bags, Rubbers, Textbooks, Uniforms, Rulers and many more.
  4. Shoes and Sandles. Most Ugandan kids get to put on shoes after their primary education and some it’s just a dream, they walk bare footed to school and even at home therefore it’s good to donate some shoes to them if you can afford.
  5. Toys and Playing Materials. All children enjoy playing and some of these have talents that would be promoted but they lack the tools to practice, giving these children toys brings joy to their faces for example you can donate Foot balls, Netballs, Skipping ropes, Nets, games like Ludo and chess, building blocks and many more.
  6. Textbooks, Charts and other Educational Materials. Many schools lack materials requirements to teach children. Providing such items like textbooks for teachers, educational charts that can be hanged in classrooms, and other materials it would help these school teachers, teach the children better.
  7. Money. Money is one of the most valued donation in Uganda. Some people in Uganda may be having food to eat at home but with no money to pay for other basic need at their home. Services like Education is expensive to some people who doesnt have good earnings. There are a lot of Ugandan children who live a vulnerable life such as orphans, disabled, deef, damb and many others facing challange to survive in Community. If you are among the people looking forward to sponsor orphan children in Uganda to go to school or such disabled children, You can help to transform the lives of those children into the brightest future by sponsering a child or more to school. If you are not confortable to help individual family, it’s always advisable to donate this money to organization that can plan for it very well like charity organizations in Uganda and schools.
  8. Funding Schools, Health Facility in Uganda. If you are akind of person or leader to an organization that helps to fund schools or health facilities, In Uganda there a many schools that still lack class rooms. So many children in Uganda still study under trees, others lack latrines/ bathrooms, Electricity and transport. Therefore on your visit to Uganda, if you are interest to help fund any of those mentioned above, Its always appricaited. You can always contact your host company in Uganda to show you trusted charity organization and best places that you can use to pass your funds and donations to those schools and children in need.

The best things you can donate to help children in Uganda

There are many items that you would donate to Ugandans but we have just listed a few, money is another thing that would be donated so that the receiver can decide on what to do with it but it’s always advisable to donate this money to the organizations that can plan for it like charity organizations and schools. Therefore, feel free to carry anything that you feel you want to donate. A hand that gives is a hand that receives.


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