Entanda Cultural center is one of the well-known cultural sites in Uganda that offers unique tour experiences to visitors. The Entanda cultural center started in year 2013 purposely to preserve and promote buganda cultural practices through sustainable tourism.

Entanda is a luganda word which locally means the “Package” you give to someone you love when going on long journey or can mean the package that a parent can give a daughter while setting off for marriage.

The Entanda cultural center is a community initiative which is located at Kijjudde in Mityana District, about 80 km away from Kampala city as one take mubende -Fort portal road. This site contains the Ttanda Pits which are well known as the home of Walumbe (god of the dead).

As a blessed country with unique cultural tourism Sites, Uganda “the pearl of Africa” has got many beatiful cultural sites that one can visit while on Uganda trip, They include Museums and sites like Kasubi Tombs, Naggalabi coronation site, Mparo tombs, Bigo bya Mugyenyi, Nakayima tree, Karambi tombs, Namugongo Shrine, Entanda Cultural center and others.

entanda cultural tour

Entanda Cultural Center offers a number of tour activities which are open for visitors to participate in. For instance, Women will be dressed in traditional wear the (Gomesi) before they begin activities with visitors.

1. Cooking Traditional Food: Attend the traditional cooking class by trained women who will take you through the process of harvesting and preparing local foods which include; Oluwombo, Gnut sauce, Mingling Kalo, cooking cassava, Peeling and cooking Matooke in Banana leaves.

Later participate in serving local food in traditional way with variety of fresh fruits such as Avocado, jack fruit, wild berry, pawpaw, passion fruits, and many others. You will also take a chance of tasting local food on a tradtional self-service buffet at lunch time.

Entanda Cultural Center

2. Traditional Hunting:  Men will participate in traditional hunting where they will be given spears for hunting and nets for fishing plus other traditional items required in these activities. Dogs and guides will escorts men while undertaking these activities. On this occasion, there will be no killing of animals encountered but gaining hunting and fishing skills will be achieved.

3. Sex Education (Tradition talk by Senga (aunt) and Kojja (uncle): There are also educative lessons about family life styles where married women will be led by aunt (Senga) to the bush to discuss bed room matters especially about how to behave in marriages and likewise the men will go with uncle (kojja) to do the same.

4. Community & Nature Walk: If you like community walks, Entanda cultural center will make it happen for you. You will join the Village walking team which involves moving to distant areas while studying about day today lifestyle of the people. Relatively, you may undertake the nature walk which involves touring of the trees around the area.

5. Traditional Music Dance and Drama: For visitors who like Music, Entanda cultural center will offer you cultural entertainment Music, Dance and Drama where different types of people show their talents through dancing, singing, acting and so you are free to join and participate in traditional music.

6. Bark Cloth Making: At Entanda cultural center you will also learn how to make bark cloth, a traditional wear which is got out of hammering the bark of fig trees.

7. Local Footbal Match: Also if you visit this cultural center with enough time, you will enjoy local football match which normally takes place between the people at the site and the tourists.

8. Traditional Games: The visitors will also mix to learn and participate in traditional games such as rope skipping, Omweso (board game), use of bow and arrow, tree swinging and others. These games creates unity between the tourists and the people working on the site.

Entanda Cultural center is one of the most interesting places to visit especially if you want to know more about the culture of Uganda. It can be done as a day activity on your Uganda tour itinerary. Do not forget to let your tour organizer add it on your program.


Trip Overview;

Entanda cultural tour which takes you to Mityana along the western route between Kampala and Mubende is a real cultural experience of its kind. This tour lets you feel and taste the cultural practices, beliefs and norms of Ugandan people. You will be able to participate while enjoy different activities which includes, wearing a traditional cloth called Gomesi for ladies, preparing and Cooking traditional foods which will be enjoyed by self-service buffet with variety of fresh fruits, Playing traditional musical instruments, bark cloth making, learning traditional hunting skills, Tradtional wine processing, cattle grazing and milking, enjoying local games such as omweso (board game), rope skipping, playing net ball, Marriage educational talks by aunts (Senga) and Uncles (Kojja), nature walks, harvesting and testing fresh honey from the hives.

Detailed Trip Itinerary:

 1 Day Travel to Entanda Cultural Center in Mityana (Approx. 2 Hours)

Early in the morning, you will be picked from your Hotel in Kampala by one of the experienced tour driver/ guide. He will brief you about Entanda cultural experience and drive you to Mityana up to Kijjudde village, the Journey to the western route from Kampala.

Upon arrival at Entanda cultural center, you will be grouped as men and women where by women will participate in women activities and men related activities.

Women will go for preparing and cooking traditional food while men will take spears and go out for traditional hunting.  When it comes to sex educational talks in the bush, women will follow aunt (Senga) while men will follow uncle (Kojja). There will be games for women such as rope skipping, net ball playing while men will go for omweso (board game), football and tree swinging.

Later at Lunch, both men and women will mix up for a traditional self-service buffet with fresh fruits like watermelon, mangos, pawpaw, avocado passion fruits, jack fruit, wild berries and many more. Enjoy different local food served in a traditional style.

After lunch, you will take a nature walk or village walk and later drive back to Kampala.

For continuing safari, you may spend a night in Mityana or proceed to your next destination for an overnight.

The Cost of this Day tour includes;

  • Transportation in comfortable vehicle
  • Fuel
  • Service of an English speaking Driver /guide
  • Tour excursion fees
  • Lunch
  • Drinking water for the day

Excluded in the cost are;                  

  • Visa fees
  • Accommodation
  • Domestic and International flights
  • Personal medical insurance
  • Accommodation before and after the tour
  • All other expenses of personal nature such as Tipping of the driver or and people on the site.

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