Bitukura Gorilla Group

Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Tour - Silverback Ndahura of the Bitukura family

    Group Name: Bitukura  Gorilla Family

    Group Leader: Ndahura Silverback (Deceased), Karamuzi

    Group Number: 14 (June 2016)

    Group Location: Ruhija Area in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

    Neighbours: Oruzogo, Kyaguliro-Mukiza & Kyaguliro-Rukara Gorilla Groups.

    It is a more latest habituated group within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Ruhija part of this park. The group is fascinating with four silverbacks with Ndahura the 2nd youngest silverback being the leader. Except the dominant male, the silverbacks move together with two blackbacks belonging to this group. An association between Rukara plus Rukumu both silverbacks and Mugisha plus Obia both blackbacks and these associations are better seen during wrangles between the bigger males.

    Bitukura Family Members: Ndahura the dominant silverback, Karamuzi the 2nd silverback, Rukumu the 3rd silverback, Rukara the 4th silverback, Betina the adult female, Ruhara the adult female, Kamuga the adult female, Obia the blackback, Mugisha the blackback, Twakire a juvenile, Kabandize ajuvenile- who moved from Kyaguliro, Kadogo an infant, Mubwindi an infant

    Bitukura Gorilla Group

    The Bitukura Gorilla group family learns quickly.  Normally it takes two years of habituation training but this group was ready for visitors in 15 months.  There are 14 members and a newborn arrived recently on the scene.

    Gorilla groups gain and lose members and the Bitukura group originally consisted of 24 gorillas however other groups recruit, in the gorilla family there are feuds and some gorillas simply leave rather than fight.

    Unlike some other groups, the Bitukura Gorilla Group gets along with one another.

    In order to track the Bitikura Gorilla Group, it is best to stay in the Ruhija area of the park, if you do stay in Buhoma – you have to leave quite early in order to make the gorilla tracking orientation in time.

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