Gorilla Habituation Experience in Bwindi Forest – Uganda. Get to Stay with Gorillas for More time.

Bwindi Gorilla Habituation Experience – Gorilla Habituation means letting gorillas get used to human beings. This was introduced on 01. Jan. 2014 In Uganda, and is mostly done in Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Bwindi impenetrable forest is found in south western Uganda, bordering Kanungu, Rubanda and Kisoro districts. The Forest is the home to over 480 Mountain gorillas which are habituated and living together in groups called gorilla families.

Gorilla habituation experience is an activity that allows a person to spend 4 hours with the gorillas. Through this, includes trek from the fresh movements of the gorillas, viewing and observing their daily activities, taking pictures and gorilla behaviors.

During this fascinating Gorilla experience, Visitors move with experts that have experience in habituating the gorillas and spend more time with them. This process involves repetitively visiting the mountain gorillas by experienced rangers/trackers and tourists to see and observe gorilla families to make them get used to human beings in their natural environments.

For a person to go for Gorilla habituation experience one has to book gorilla habituation permit through a reliable travel agency in advance, which costs 1500$ per each. A client with a permit is expected to report at the park headquarters by 07:00 am in the morning for a briefing about the whole process and safety during the visit to the gorillas and how to get the best out of the gorilla habituation experience.

Gorilla Habituation Experience

After briefing, tourists follow the trail for Mountain gorilla group that is under habituation which includes hiking up and down the forested mountain to get to the gorillas and this makes it more enjoyable.

This Gorilla Experience is specifically open for the Southern sectors of Bwindi forest which are Rushaga and Nkuringo. Currently, there are two mountain gorilla groups called Bikingi and Bushaho, and only 4 tourists are allowed to be part of the habituation Experience in each gorilla group. When visiting these mountain gorillas under habituation one has to follow the rules given so as to fully enjoy, for example keeping in groups to avoid getting lost, no noise, no imitating mountain gorillas and no use of flash photography while taking pictures.

A tourist is advised to be in shape and healthy before going for this trekking experience so as to keep in pace with the mountain gorillas. Only people above 15 years are allowed to go for gorilla habituation experience which is the same age limit for normal gorilla trekking. Visitors intending to experience this activity, are advised to book accommodation near the headquarters to avoid inconvenience by late reporting to the start point.



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