The Cost of Gorilla Permit in Rwanda: Trekking gorillas is one of the most exciting wildlife viewing experience that brings most tourists in Rwanda and Uganda. To go Rwanda gorilla trekking, you need a gorilla permit.

Gorilla permit is a legal document that allows travelers to visit mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Virunga national park in Congo. Rwanda is one of the 3 East African Countries in the world that host mountain-gorillas in Volcanoes national park of the virunga mountains.

Gorilla Permit Rwanda 2023 - Booking information, Cost of tour

Trekking gorillas in Rwanda happens in Volcanoes national park where gorilla families roam in forested slopes of Virunga mountains bordering Uganda and D R Congo. Gorilla permits in Rwanda are issued by Rwanda Development Board a government body in charge of protecting national parks.

Rwanda is one of the major tourist destinations in Africa especially for travelers interested in primate safaris that takes people to see mountain gorillas, Chimpanzee and different species of monkeys in their wild habitats.

How much does a gorilla permit cost in Rwanda ?

Rwanda price of gorilla permit:  Rwanda Gorilla permit cost $1500 for all International visitors, nationals of Rwanda and East African community (EAC) citizens pay $200, African citizens and foreign residents in Rwanda pay $500 for gorilla permits in Rwanda.

Rwanda Vs Uganda, a gorilla permit that cost $1500 in Rwanda, it’s $800 for a gorilla permit in Uganda which is much cheaper in Uganda for visitors  looking at Price.

In Uganda Side, a gorilla permit cost $800 for foreign non resident visitors, $700 for foreign resident, $500 for Rest of Africa and only UGX. 300,000 For East African citizen. Trekking gorillas in Uganda can be done in two national parks,  Bwindi Impentrable national park and Mgahinga national park Uganda.

The age limit of people required to trek gorillas is 15 years, in otherwards, every person of 15 years and above is permitted to track gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and D R Congo.

Wether the gorilla permit is purchased for trekking in Rwanda, Uganda or D R Congo, this gorilla trekking permit will cover the park entrance and guided trekking for a period of one hour visiting gorillas. After purchasing your gorilla permit, you will need to consider and plan your transportation to and from the park, accommodtion and meals, porter fees if required and tips to the trackers and ranger guides. Your trusted tour company can help to book and purchase a gorilla permit for you and also reserve accommodation and provide transportation.

Can someone cancel a gorilla permit ?

For whatever reason, the cost of gorilla permit will not be refunded once purchased. Tourists who wish to cancel their trip or fail to turn up for their gorilla trekking in Rwanda will not be allowed to transfer the already purchased permit to another person. Only, a Gorilla permits purchased through a trusted tour operator can be resecheduled and be used for a different date upon advance request.

Why is a gorilla permit Required ?

A gorilla permit is a source of revenue by the park and the government to support conservation of mountain gorillas and other wildlife in the park. It also helps the park authorities to regulate the number of people expected to visit each individual family of mountain gorillas per day which in turn helps in conservation of gorillas and their habitats.

Therefore, if you are planning your gorilla trip, consider purchasing a gorilla permit Rwanda especially if interests are focused on gorilla trekking adventure in Volcanoes national park. Gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking are th e two activities that attracts most visitors in Volcanoes national park while Chimpanzee tracking in Rwanda can be done in Nyungwe forest national park.

Gorilla Permit Rwanda 2023, Booking Information, Cost of tour

What else to see in Rwanda besides gorillas?

Rwanda is one of the best wildlife safari destinations in Africa, tourism is growing fast and Its currently regarded as a luxury safari destination with journey taking you to see the African big 5 in Akagera national park which includes Elephants, lions, Rhinos, Leopard and buffaloes.  Enjoy the canopy walk in Nyungwe forest national park, nature walks, bird watching, or Do golden monkey tracking after gorillas in Volcanoes national park, hike and visit the grave yard of Dian fossey, Hike mount Bisoke, Mount Karisimbi, Visit the twin lakes burera and Ruhondo.

More activities include city tours to see Kigali genocide memorial, Art centers, Nyamirambo womens and local markets, while not forgeting Rwanda culture through traditional dances and dramma. Visit National history museum to learn about the dark history of Rwanda and the current situation while visiting the other different genocide memorials all over the country.

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