Gorilla Tracking Day in Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga & Volcanoes National park Rwanda

Your Memorable Gorilla tracking day in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, or Volcanoes national park in Rwanda starts with the briefing of all visitors  about the Dos and Don’ts of Gorilla trekking by the head ranger guide, this is about how visitors should behave along the way and while viewing gorillas. This is done in order to prepare visitors for the best experience with the mountain Gorillas as well as preventing disease transmission between visitors and gorillas themselves.

Gorilla Viewing:

In the morning after breakfast, Visitors will assemble at the park offices, well prepared with packed lunch and enough drinking water that will take them for the whole day. We prepare all  clients for the best dressing code suitable for jungle walking, insect repellent, sun cream, hand gloves hat and Rain gear for their protection purposes. We do this to avoid challenges, some times gorillas can be seen close or the tracking might take many hours. visitors are to be prepared for long walking than short walk to avoid feeling of disappointment in case a short walk turns to be a long walk.

After the pre-tracking briefing, the tour guide who might at the same time be the driver will help his clients to go through Gorilla tracking formalities including allocation of the gorilla families of which his or her visitors will track. This is done in favor of Age, strength, interest and next program of visitors after the entire trekking. Visitors then stand at a special point to meet their lead guides who will discuss more about trekking pace, and its a lead guide who will find a porter to escort a visitor by supporting while on trek and at the same time carrying backpack for a visitor to make sure he or she is flexible to walk. Visitors who can not walk, may be of age or disabilities to  make a walk will not miss the tracking as porters have a provision of stretcher where they carry up a visitor to and from Gorilla trekking point. Each gorilla family is visited once in a day by a maximum of 8 visitors.

From there, the Gorilla trekking experience begins. Once the whole team approaches the gorillas, the lead guide will alert visitors to prepare themselves with Cameras, lenses and pacing. The adventure begins. Visitors will then be allowed a maximum of one hour once the viewing begins. later visitors will be brought back to the park station where they will end the whole experience of their entire trekking of gorillas. With this brief, we inspire you about expectation on your gorilla trekking day.



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