Mount Muhabura Hike is amazing hiking tour adventure that rewards all trekkers with great views of the surrounding Volcanic mountains. The beautiful, Mount Muhabura lies at the border of Uganda and Rwanda raising up to an elevation of 4127 meters above sea level.

Muhabura mountain is also called Mount Muhavura and its shared by Mgahinga national park in Uganda and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Mount Muhabura is an extinct volcano with a crater lake on its summit and the third highest mountain out of the 8 Volcanoes in the virunga region. Muhabura translates to “a guide” in the local language. This is because you can see it in all directions you take while in Uganda and Rwanda.

Hiking Mount Muhabura, Volcano Climbing in Uganda

Mount Muhabura hike can be done from both countries, Uganda and Rwanda but hiking muhabura volcano in Uganda is the easiest. The Muhabura volcano is so steep and it’s difficult to climb especially for visitors with less experience in Mountain climbing.

Mount Muhabura hike in Uganda

Trekkers from the Uganda side take two stopovers at 3,117 meters and at 3,860 meters above sea level before reaching the summit at 4,127 meters above see level. Most visitors have stopped at the first stop point and returned to the base after sensing that the trek after this is more difficult and demanding.

It is always so rewarding to the hikers, reaching the top of the mountain despite the challenges during the hike. Hiking mount Muhabura is strenuous but it can be completed in 1 day (taking you 6-8 hours) depending on the hiker’s speed and level of fitness.

Mount Muhabura hike starts with briefing at the park office on what to expect plus allocation of guides and Porters can be hired after briefing if required. These porters help in carrying your luggage and giving a pull or push during the hike.

Expectation on Mount Muhabura hike

At the mountain slopes, visitors get chance to see some wildlife like elephants and buffaloes. After reaching the top of Mount Muhabura you will have a view of the other volcanic mountains, the twin lakes Ruhondo and Burera on Rwanda side and lake Bunyonyi on the Uganda side. At the summit there is a beautiful crater lake with clean water, good enough for swimming but as you know the higher you go, the cooler it becomes, it’s always too cold at the top and visitors are discouraged from swimming.

Hiking Mount Muhabura, Volcano climbing in Uganda

Mount Muhabura volcano hike is done and escorted by armed ranger guides and porters who knows well the hiking trails to follow. The armed guides scare away the sturbon wildlife animals by shooting in the air for example along the way expect buffaloes and elephants. Reaching the top of this Mountain, is like a dream come true as many people stop at the first or second stops after experiencing difficultes to proceed up to the summit.

All visitors going for Muhabura Volcano climbing are advised to carry a hiking back pack, enough drinking water, some food, strong hiking shoes, insect repellants, waterproof jackets and appropriate clothes, walking stick and more. Mount Muhabura can be accessed by both road and air transport to Kisoro airstrip and Musanze on Rwanda side.

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