Mount Sabinyo hike in Uganda offers the most interesting mountain climbing experience and is spectacular among the 8 Volcanoes that form Virunga mountains. Mount Sabinyo is an extinct volcano that stand (3,645 m) and its Summit is where Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republinc of Congo meet.

Sabinyo locally means “Old man’s teeth” and it was called so due to its serrated summit that looks worn out like teeth of an old man. Mount Sabinyo Volcano also known as Mt. Sabyinyo in Rwanda can be hiked both from Uganda and Rwanda but much easier on Uganda side as Rwanda side has sharp ridges that make hiking more straneous.

Hiking Mt. Sabinyo in Mgahinga national park of Uganda takes you on a section of the ladders. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has built hand made ladders on the most difficult steep slopes to allow visitors climb easily to the summit.

Hiking Mount Sabinyo Volcano.

People interested in Climbing Mount Sabinyo, will need to register and make payments for this hike with Mgahinga national park staff at the reception. Porters are also available to assist in carrying your back pack and offering a pulling or pushing hand during the trek.

Note that, Mount Sabinyo is the toughest to climb and famous among the 3 Volcanic mountains of Uganda which are Mt. Muhabura (4,127 m), Mt. Gahinga (3,474 m) and Mt. Sabinyo (3,645 m). Climbing Mt. Sabinyo takes about 8 hours in total and it is always advisable to start sloping back to the starting point by 3 pm even if you’re not yet at the (peak 3) summit to avoid descending while in darkness.

In Uganda, Hiking mount Sabinyo starts 7:30 am with a briefing at Ntebeko, the park headquarters of Mgahinga national park  while in Rwanda Mount Sabyinyo hiking starts 7:00 am also with the briefing at Volcanoes national park headquarters in Kinigi. This pre- hike briefing is to let the visitors know more about the history and facts about hiking Mt. Sabinyo volcano, what to expect and what you may need along the hiking trail.

Usually the hike is accampaned by the park ranger right from starting at the base of the mountain. Few meters from the hiking start point, you will get into a bamboo vegetation which is good for Wildlife sighting such golden monkeys and Mountain gorillas on lucky occasion. As you contintue to ascend the mountain, you will go through sub alpine vegetation that harbors the rare Rwenzori Turaco, an albertine rift endemic bird which is most liked by bird watchers on trip.

Mount Sabinyo Hike in Uganda, Climbing & Hiking Trail in Mgahinga national park

The mountain continue getting more steep but with the endless man made stairs that have been put in place, visitors can easily make it to the top. Reaching the summit is overwhelming as you will be standing in all the three countries at once. You experience the view of all the three countries while standing on 3rd peak which requires you no Visa.

Mt Sabinyo is always covered by mist and not commonly climbed because of its best view but just an experience by mountaineerers. On a lucky day when the clouds are clear, you can enjoy viewing other surrounding Volcanoes, lake Kivu  in Rwanda, Lake Bunyonyi and Rwenzori mountains of Uganda.

Descending from the summit of this mountain is as difficult as hiking up, as you have to go through the same steeps and sometimes on muddy trail. Experienced Hikers usually reach the base around 6 or 7 pm meaning you need a full day spared for this hike.

Visitors going for the Sabinyo hiking tour need to be physically fit and mentally prepared for this tough hiking experience. The best time for hiking mount Sabinyo is in dry season during the months of January, february then June and July when the trail is dry. Hiking trail in Rain season becomes so muddy and this makes it more difficult to climb up to the summit.

Other Volcanoes in the Virunga mountain ranges good for for hiking include, Mt. Karisimbi (4,507 M) and Mt. Bisoke (3,711 M) in Rwanda, Mt. Nyiragongo (3,4070 m) and Mt. Mikeno (4,437 m) in DR Congo.

Mount Sabinyo Hike in Uganda

Packing List for Mount Sabinyo Hike.

You need to have strong hiking shoes, dress appropriately in long sleeved shirt and long pant, long cotton stockings, carry rain jacket, hand gloves, enough drinking water and lunch pack, a hat, camera, sunscreen, insect repellant and a pair of binoculars.

Mount Sabinyo can be accessed from Entebbe, Kampala or by taking a flight to Kisoro airstrip from Entebbe. or by Road trip it takes 9-11 hours using a bus  or private car along Masaka, mbarara through Kabale to Kisoro then Mgahinga. Its is also easily accessed by short road trip from Kigali or Musanze in Rwanda, Mount Sabinyo  can be accessed in 3-4 hours from Rwanda Capital Kigali through Cynika border to Kisoro then drive one hour to ntebeko, Mgahinga park gate.

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