Hiking the Top of the Falls-Murchison falls national park


Hiking the top of the falls trail in Murchison falls national park is one of the most adventurous and great activity that visitors in Uganda needs to do in order to have a complete Safari adventure. The top of the falls hike offers you breathtaking views of the Murchison falls from above as you watch the Nile waters force through a small 7-meter gorge with a lot of force and creating the beautiful Murchison falls.

You also get to see the sister falls to Murchison falls known as Uhuru falls that were formed after water breaking away from the origin Murchison falls around 1962 when Uganda got independence. Therefore getting its name Uhuru a Swahili dialect to mean independence and the nature of the park.

Murchison falls are found in Murchison falls national park the largest and oldest park in Uganda known to have the African big five animals. It is also a home to over 75 mammals and over 450 bird species. Some of these can be seen during hike.

The park is divided into two by the Albertine Nile. The top of the falls can be accessed by car but it’s more rewarding and chosen by visitors to take a hike to the falls after a boat trip that brings you to the start point. Most times the top of the falls hike is combined with boat cruise to the bottom of the falls and this gives you double experience on the boat and during the hike.

Hiking the top of the Falls

Hiking to the top of the falls takes about 45 minutes and needs one to be physically fit but can be hiked by everyone though the time taken may vary. People interested in hiking set off at 2pm on boat cruise where several wildlife is seen like elephants, antelopes, hippos, crocodiles and many bird species like the shoebill, pelicans, pied kingfishers, red throated bee eaters take, nice photographs can be taken.

On arrival at the bottom of the falls by boat, a professional ranger guide meets you and briefs you before starting the hike. He still hikes with you to provide all the necessary information and history about the place, he also provides answers for all the questions that visitors may ask.

Hiking through the footsteps of the early explores such as Sir Samuel Baker, enables you to know the history and also have panoramic views of the falls, River Nile and Murchison falls national park.

Once on top of the falls you will be amazed at how the nature around is beautiful having a full view of the park and the river Nile as it transforms from Victoria Nile to Albert Nile, the sound of water gushing out the gorge and how the water falls down over a 43m cliff to the rocks and bounces back forming a rainbow and whitish snow. This hike booked as an activity on your safari itinerary arranged by the trusted tour agency and costs a small fee which is paid either before or after the hike.


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