Balloon Safaris, Hot Air Balloon in Murchison Falls National Park Uganda


Balloon Safaris in Uganda are romantic and adventurous way of experiencing the wilderness as you fly over the diverse habitat, Viewing wildlife, rather than the normal game drives. In Uganda Hot air balloon safaris are done in the savannah plains of Murchison falls national park and begins just before dawn. While on balloon adventure safari, you will be suspended in a basket beneath the rainbow-colored canopy when off for a game viewing safari.

Book Hot Air Balloon Safari and Get a chance to experience nature and see animals from high in the skies. Murchison falls national park together with Queen Elizabeth national park are most visited parks in Uganda and therefore every visitor needs to explore these parks in a unique way, both Parks used to offer ballooning adventure but currently Dream balloon safaris operate only in Murchison falls park.

Balloon Safaris, Hot air Balloon in Murchison falls national park

This Hot air ballooning has now become a bucket list experience for most travelers on Honeymoon Safari and those who feel like to take a luxury life time experience above in the sky on an African wildlife safari. In Uganda hot air balloon experience is done by experienced companies like Dream balloon Safaris who have well trained pilots licensed by Civil Aviation Authority Uganda to fly the balloons. Safety measures are in place and they use well maintained equipment’s. The balloon Basket can accommodate about 6-16 people of 6years and above so advance booking is required.

Balloon Safaris start very early in the morning around 6:00am where you will meet your team preparing the balloon for the experience at the launch site. The guide gives a briefing about the expectations, Safety measures and help you get aboard. You will then take off to the skies and get to see and experience the beauty of the park at a glance. While Murchison falls national park, you get to see the Victoria Nile cutting through the park forming the great Murchison falls and the variety of wildlife below. Remember to capture the beautiful moments and have aerial photos of the park and its inhabitants.

Balloon safaris in Murchison falls national park

This Hot Air Balloon safaris can be done all through the year except when the weather conditions are not favorable since the balloon to fly, it follows the wind direction and other favorable weather conditions. Balloon safaris enable visitors see off track hidden animals, seeing a wide range of animals, have great panoramic views of sunrise, enjoy bush breakfast, ground safari before and after balloon safaris and the certificate of participation. So come challenge the fear of heights and watch the parks beauty from above as you take great pictures to keep a memory of such a great experience.

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