How to Keep mountain Gorillas Safe from Coronavirus | Gorilla safaris


How to keep mountain gorillas safe from coronavirus disease. Uganda is a home to half of the remaining population of endangered mountain gorillas and these ought to be protected as much as possible to avoid extinction. With the current protection given to mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest, the Virunga ranges of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, their numbers have been continued to increase in the past years and therefore with the current Covid-19 pandemic more emphasis is put on keeping them safe from this deadly disease. Gorillas are close relatives to humans meaning they easily catch diseases that humans suffer like flue and colds. Therefore as the tourism activities continue, extra precautions have been put in place to safeguard these great apes from contracting coronavirus.

How to Keep Mountain Gorillas Safe from coronavirus | Gorilla Safaris

Some of the precautions being taken include;

  • The park staff that is park rangers, guides, porters and trackers do daily health checks and those with symptoms are quarantined.
  • Mandatory wearing of masks by all staff and tourists at all times in the park.
  • Visitors must stay 10meters away from gorillas during the trek.
  • Turn away from gorillas if you have to cough or sneeze.
  • Visitors must have their temperatures taken on arrival.
  • Mandatory washing of hands and sanitizing before heading in to the forest for tracking for all park staff and tourists
  • Training of staff on how to handle the pandemic situation has been done like using temperature guns, identifying the sick, disinfecting all surfaces and more.
  • Sign posts with advice and precautions have been put up around the park to remind people about gorilla protection against Covid 19 Pandemic.
  • Any person who might not feel well should not proceed to visit the gorillas in the wild, be it visitors or park staff.
  • Avoid littering in the park to avoid leaving contaminated items which might spread diseases. Therefore, whatever you carry into the forest be sure to return with it.
  • Get vaccinated and maintain all the standard operating procedures (SOPS) given by the government and ministry of health in the area where you choose to go gorilla trekking adventure.

How to Keep Mountain Gorillas Safe from Coronavirus | Gorilla Safaris

The communities around Bwindi Impenetrable national park have also been greatly affected with the reduction of the tourist flow to the park. Many of the community members have always benefited through selling of handcrafts and employment like park rangers, guides, porters and trackers. They source of income has been cut off leading to decline in their life styles. The governing authority of the Uganda parks is working hard to provide a living for these people to avoid the bad habits of poaching and park encroachment.

Remember gorilla and humans share a 95% DNA and so diseases including Covid 19 diseases can easily be transmitted from humans to gorillas. Respect all the guidelines and precautions that have been put in place so as to safe guard the only remaining population of mountain gorillas in the wild.

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