Kazinga channel boat cruise is one of the interesting wildlife viewing activity done on a safari to Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda. The boat acts as a platform, allowing tourists to explore and see more aquatic wildlife in the park.

Kazinga channel is a 40km long stream of water connecting small lakes of Lake George and Lake Edward. The lakes are fed with water by the streams originating from Rwenzori Mountains. The shores of this channel attract many wild animals, a lot of bird species and reptiles. It has the largest concentration of hippos and Nile crocodiles.

Boat cruise along kazinga channel have been in operation since 1952 giving great experiences to tourists to spot large mammals that come to drink, feed and bathe at the shores of the channel. Boat cruises operate twice a day that is 9am in the morning and 3pm in the afternoon each lasting two hours.

The boat cruise starts at a landing site near Mweya safari lodge. The boat options available are the double decker boat owned by Uganda wildlife Authority and smaller boat owned by Mweya safari lodge.

Kazinga Channel Boat cruise - Queen Elizabeth National Park

On these beautiful boat cruises you get to see most of the wild animals like elephants, buffaloes, hippos, Nile crocodiles, leopards, and lions sometimes. Birds like king fisher, fish eagle, black bee eater, and many more. There is also an opportunity to pass by the local fishing villages and see the fishermen preparing their nets to head to the water at night, fishermen don’t fish during day times as it’s dangerous with the hippos.

Kazinga Channel Boat cruise - Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National park Uganda

If you are intersted to do a safari to Queen Elizabeth national park? Queen Elizabeth National park is located in western part of Uganda laying between Lake George and Lake Edward with kazinga channel crossing through it as it connects the two lakes.

This Queen Elizabeth national park has many attractions including the kazinga channel where different animals are seen like crocodiles, hippos, elephants during the kazinga boat ride, kalinzu forest and kyambura gorge which harbor chimpanzees, Lake katwe salt works and the Katwe explosion crater lakes, Mweya peninsula and many more.

Queen Elizabeth has different species of wild life, elephants, the tree climbing lions, buffaloes, hippopotamus, and a wide range of bird species

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