Kikorongo Women Community is an organization of women whose work is to build capacity in women by emphasizing on ways to end early girl child marriage. The Kikorongo Women perform music, dance, drama and also teach visitors how to weave baskets, necklaces, mats and more from the local materials like banana fibers.

When was Kikorongo Women Community formed?

Kikorongo women community (KWC) was formed in 2007 and it derives its name from a local dialect in Rukonjo language which means a lot of sunshine.  The Village receives so much sunshine especially during the dry season. Kikorongo Women are found in Kasese District near Queen Elizabeth national park in the western Uganda

This Community is initiative of local people comprised of local communities around and includes both married women and widows. These Women earn a living from the proceeds made at the community by weaving baskets and mats for sale to visitors .

A visit at Kikorongo women community makes you enjoy traditional dances and drama, learn and participate in fire making, and also weave baskets, bowls and turn old paper like magazines into beautiful beads to make necklaces. One wouldn’t believe they are made of just paper. A local translator available helps in translating the dances and drama performed for easy understanding by all visitors.

Kikorongo Women Community

Kikorongo Women also operates a crafts shop at their center to sell to visitors some or their art work and appreciate their work. Their art pieces are crafted from natural resources that is wood and papyrus. Visitors on this commuinty tour can take part in weaving with the help of trainers and can also visit the locals in their homesteads to learn about their daily lifestyle.

Kikorongo Women organization educates the local community about drinking safe water, safe motherhood methods, good hygiene and teaches against poaching. So many Community members have benefited through selling their art works like bags, baskets, and more.  So touring and buying one or two from them will mean you support them directly and this can be of great importance to their lives. Many people who were poachers have now learnt to how to protect Wildlife and its advantages.


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