Kwita Izina in Rwanda is a traditional ceremony  which means giving Names. As conservationist, each year Rwanda  honors a day to carry out this function of Giving names to New born baby gorillas Which is called kwita izina abana b’ ingagi in local language “Kinyarwanda”. This day 06/09/2019 marks the 15th edition of Kwita Izina where 25 Baby Gorillas where named.

The ceremony usually takes place at Volcanoes National park Headquarters in Kinigi. This 15th edition which left 25 baby gorillas with names ended successfully and had high turn up of many conservationist including high profile guests. Louis Van Gaal and American singer Ne-Yo Jets also attended. The president of Rwanda was the chief of guests who appreciated so much for the high turn up of witness of Kwita Izina.

kwita Izina ceremony 2019

Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, Virunga National Park of Dr Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of Uganda together form the Virunga massif which is  one of the two places in the whole world that hosts a half of the mountain gorillas population. The other half of the population live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda.

Although Mountain Gorillas are no longer critically endangered, the population is still Vulnerable, hence needs to be conserved together with their habitat.  Mountain Gorilla trekking which takes place in both 3 countries is one of the activities that some one can participate in, in order to Conserve these endangered gorillas. To go Gorilla trekking, one must posses a Gorilla trekking permit which must be booked and purchased in advance. This is because, the activity is regulated and controlled to ensure less number of people visit each day which in turn reduces Habitat damage and controls disease transmission between Gorillas and Human Beings.

Of recent Rwanda saw how Volcanoes National Park was small, with the expected gorilla population increase and decided to raise up the fees of Purchasing a Gorilla trekking permit. This in turn supports conservation as few people will be targeted who can afford to buy the Gorilla trekking permit while saving the gorilla habitat and this also in turn helps the country to improve the infrastructure and well being of Rwandans. A Gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda Costs USD: 1500. This is for all categories of Visitors.

Besides Mountain Gorillas, There are several other tourist activities that some one can go for, during the visit to Volcanoes National park. Ranging from Gorilla trekking to Hiking Volcanoes and seeing other wildlife like Golden Monkey tracking.



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