The Mabamba Swamp also called Mabamba Bay wetland is one of the top birding spots in Uganda. Mabamba Swamp is a wetland well known as the best birding site in Uganda where travelers interested in birds can easily find the rare Shoebill stork. Mabamba Swamp is located on the northern shore of Lake Victoria accessed as one travels west of Entebbe town.

Uganda is blessed with over 1061 bird species making it the number one best birding destination in Africa and one of the world’s best birding spot. Many visitors who come to Uganda specifically for bird watching always make mabamba the first one on the list of the birding spots to visit on their trip.

Mabamba is the name literally derived from the Lung fish locally called Mamba. The Swamp is rich in lung fish ( Mamba) and the local fishermen named the area mabamba Swamp meaning a swamp of lung fish. Lung fish is the best food for the Shoebill stork.

After being identified that Mabamba wetland Swamp is the best site to see the rare shoebill stork, it has become an important bird area for the tourism busines in Uganda. Most Uganda tour operator can add this place on your Uganda safari itinerary for both birders and non birders if interested. A shoebill tour to Mabamba wetland swamp can also be done independently as a day excursion trip for Visitors staying in Entebbe or in Kampala.

Birding Mabamba Swamp tour can be done in a wooden motorized boat but also with wooden Oars that move the boat quitely as visitors approach the shoebill stork. visitors with their binoculars quietely go through marshes accompanied by interpretive guide who knows the recent movemnts of the shoebill.

Mabamba Swamp in Uganda - Wetland Birding, Shoebill Tours,

Take your Day tour to Mabamba Swamp in Uganda with the a reliable tour company that will take you safely on the road and through the whole bird watching experience. Mabamba Bay is listed as Ramsar site a wetland of international importance and it is an Internation Bird Area (IBA) recorgnized by Birdlife International.

The wetland – Swamp is comprised of water lillies, papyrus marshes and other wetland vegetation. The swamp is open to all visitors and the tour to Mabamba swamp lasts up to 3-4 hours depending on visitors interest. Besides Birds, other attractions at Mabamba is the search for the Sitatunga antelope that live in the swamp plus vervet monkey, fishing trips and many species of butterflies.

The Sitatunga antelopes have continuously reduced in number because poachers hunt them down. The wildlife conservations has continued to sensitize the community about the advantages of preserving wildlife. So some community member comprising of men and women are organized as a team working as bird guides at Mabamba.

Mabamb bay wetland has over 260 bird species a part from the shoe bill stork. These include the more threaten species, wetland restricted such papyrus gonolek, white winged warbler, village weaver, spur-winged lapwing, yellow wagtail, woodland kingfisher, long crested eagle, great blue Turaco, grey heron, great cormorant, Goliath Herons, great white egret, pink backed pelican, grey woodpecker, yellow billed duck, grey headed sparrow, Violet backed Sterling, White faced Whistling duck, Orange weaver, Malachite kingfisher, Common greenshank, Fan-tailed widowbird and so many more. A huge flock of Paleartic migrants every year is hosted at Mabamba swamp between months of october and march.

Mabamba Swamp in Uganda - Wetland Birding, Shoebill Tours

This swamp is open to visitors at any time of the year but the best time is during the dry season when the water levels are lower. The swamp can be accessed both from Kampala along mbarara  road, turning left at Mpigi town and right at Kasanje round about. For visitor from Entebbe town, close route is via Nakowogo landing site where you will need to take a ferry for 10 minutes, crossing to kasanje landing site.

A convinient route to Mabamba takes you from entebbe town along kampala road, turning left at Kisubi and second road at Kasanje round about on left. Continue  along the same road for about 15-25 minutes drive taking you to Mabamba landing site and parking.

There are many guides to welcome you and ready to take you through the Mabamba Swamp Birding tour experience and see shoebill stork plus many other birds. Their leader assigns each group of visitors their day’s guide. The Shoebills can be seen at any time of the day however, the best time is morning hours.

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