Walking safaris in Lake Mburo national park is a guided walk within the park that brings you close to nature and wildlife viewing experience. Lake Mburo national park is the smallest Savanna national park in Uganda.

The Lake Mburo national park is located between Lyantonde and Mbarara city along on the road to south western Uganda. A road trip journey to lake Mburo park is approximately 4 hours’ drive from Kampala city.

The absence of lions and elephants in Lake Mburo national park makes it safe for visitors to go on a walking safari adventure. All Visitors undertaking a walking Safaris in the park are escorted by armed ranger to ensure maximum safety against dangerous wild animals such as buffaloes.

Walking Safaris In Lake Mburo - Guided Nature walks & Wildlife

Lake Mburo national park has a great number of wildlife given its diverse habitats like savanna vegetation, wetlands, lakes, forests and swamps. Some of the animals in Lake Mburo national park include; Zebra, Impala, reedbuck, buffaloes, warthogs, elands, topi, giraffes, hippos, hyenas, leopards among others.

Guided Nature Walk in Lake mburo national park will give you opportunity to get close to wildlife and bird species that call this park their home. There are over 315 bird species which can be been in the Rubanga forest, one of the best birding spots in lake Mburo.

Taking a 3 days lake Mburo safari allows you to enjoy nature walks and get a closer look on many of the game animals, experience game drive safari and a boat trip.  Walking safaris in Lake Mburo take 2-4 hours depending on the interest of the visitors, walking speed and the trail chosen.

Nature Walks in Lake Mburo is a magical bush experience where you will get away from the noisy safari vehicles and feel the love for nature on foot. This life time Safari experience takes visitors to see the hidden gems that the park holds. Guided nature walk in Lake Mburo national park takes you off the main paths and go deep into the bush trails to enjoy the park to see hards of zebra, giraffes, Elands and other animals.

The nature walking safari can either be inside the park or in the savanna outside the park depending on where the animals will be expected. Uganda wildlife Authority is in charge of walking safari within the park while different  Safari lodges operate nature walks outside the park.

On a guided nature Walk outside the park, visitors get to see some of the park animals such as Zebra, impala also see the long horned cattle owned by the local people around the park. You will even visit the local communities near the park to learn about their daily lives.

Visitors may book their walking safari in advance through a trusted tour operator or on arrival at Lake Mburo national park. The best time to go for walking safaris in Uganda is the dry months of June to september and December to February but the park is open to visitors at any time of the year.

Walking Safaris in Lake Mburo - Guided nature Walks & Wildlife

If you are looking for where to stay during your Safari, there are all accommodation options at Lake Mburo national park ranging from budget to luxury safari lodges. Some of the best lodges in Lake mburo national park include; Mihingo lodge, Mantana tented Camp, Kigambira Safari Lodge, Rwakobo Rock lodge, Arcadia cottages and Mburo safari lodge. For budget lodge options are found at Leopard rest camp, Rwonyo rest camp, and many others.

What to know & Carry on a Walking Safari

  • Walking Safari in Lake mburo is guided by an armed ranger for your safety
  • Payment for nature walk is required besides your park entrance ticket
  • In rainy season, the park gets muddy
  • Wear closed or walking shoes
  • Carry drinking water
  • Some wild animals like Elands are Shy therefore ensure silence to get so close to them.
  • Carry your binoculars
  • Wear long trouser and long socks
  • Carry insect repellant and sun cream
  • Wear your hat or cap if you have it
  • Carry your camera
  • Respect and always do what your guide tells you.
  • Stay and walk as one group
  • You will need a car to drop you to the start point or pick you after the walk to your next place of stay

Come experience the true African safari by getting closer to wildlife during the nature walking safari in lake Mburo national park.


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