Ndali Kasenda crater lakes are crater lakes that were formed by volcanic activity over 10,000 years ago which left depressions that were later filled with rain water to form these crater lakes.

The Ndali kasenda crater lakes are found between Kibale national park well known for Chimpanzee tracking and Queen Elizabeth national park the home of tree climbing lions in Uganda. Ndali Kasenda crater lakes in Fort portal, western Uganda are worth visiting either on a tour to Kibale national park or Queen Elizabeth national park.

These Ndali kasenda crater lakes are located on a higher elevation than the surrounding areas and hiking up to these crater lakes gives you great views of the Rwenzori Mountains, Kibale forest, Kichwamba escarpment and different lakes around. These lakes are said to be extinct though some emit volcanic gases and have a sulpheric smell from them.

Ndali Kasenda Crater lakes - Tours Arounda Kibale Forest

Some of the Ndali kasenda crater lakes have clean water but others have sulpheric water with a green color and are toxic with a bad smell. This is caused by continued volcanic activity which gives out volcanic gases and acidic water. People who wish to swim need to consult before so as to know which of the crater lakes have clean water for swimming and good enough the waters are free from bilharzia.

Ndali kasenda crater lakes offer spectacular views and a number of activities can be done around these crater lakes. The crater lakes include;

  1. Lake Nkuruba: located 25 km south of Fortportal town, lake Nkuruba offers incredible views of the surrounding areas and mahoma falls. Walking up to this lake gives you a great feeling with nature and the beautiful environment. People can camp around this lake and enjoy time off the city noises while exploring the forest and area around. The lake is enclosed with a steep forest where red tailed monkeys and red colobus monkeys reside.
  2. Lake Nyinambuga: Known to have clean water under the forest trees, Lake Nyinambuga is a beautiful crater lake where visitors can rest and relax by participating in the activities like hiking and nature walks. This lake is one of the largest in the area and is known to have mildly saline water. A beautiful luxury Ndali lodge is located on the edge of this lake to offer the best accommodation to high end visitors. The ridges of lake Nyinambuga are forested and visitors can enjoy nature walks as the watch monkeys and birds. This beautiful lake is also featured on the back side of a 20,000 Uganda shillings note, making it more treasured in Uganda.
  3. .Nyabikere: Literally translating to lake of frogs, Lake Nyabikere is located on the road side about 11km from Fortportal town to Kibale forest national park. So after enjoying chimpanzee tracking experience in Kibale national park, you can take some time to visit this amazing crater lake. The birdlife around this lake is so excellent with over 100 bird species including pygmy goose, Giant king fisher, African fish eagle, Grey parrot and so many more. Being a lake of frogs expect many of them croaking through the night. While at lake Nyabikere you can still walk to the small water fall on Nyabikere river and Isunga hot springs.
  4. 4. Lake Kifuruka: Lake kifuruka gives nice views of the surrounding area. It’s one of the prettiest lakes in the kasanda crater area. The bush around lake Kifuruka has some primates such black and white colobus monkey, red tailed monkey and birds like African grey parrot and Great blue turaco. This is one of the crater lakes with sulphuric water, its water is salty with no oxygen meaning no aquatic animals in this lake and no activities of fishing and swimming done here. It offers beautiful scenery for photography and nature walks around.
  5. Lake Lyantonde: Lake Lyantonde is a fairly small lake surrounded by thick vegetation. Different birds can be seen in the surrounding forest and amazing views of the forest canopy are worth experiencing. A nice Mid range accommodation facility called Papaya lake lodge is located on the edge of this lake.

Ndali Kasenda crater lakes are so many and the rest include lake Nyamirima, lake Nyinabulitwa, Mubiro, Lake Ntambi, Lake Nyamugasani, lake nyanswiga, lake katanda, lake mwegenyi and many more.


Nature Walk, Hiking tour, Bird watching & Swimming

Ndali kasenda crater lakes region has many adventure tour activities that visitors can engage in to make their visit memorable. The best tourist activities to do around the craters include; Hiking tour, Bird watching, Nature walking tour, Boat rides, Biking, Fishing and Swimming. Ndali crater lakes can be explored on foot so there are many hiking trails including the Hiking to the top of the world. While on top of the world, you will enjoy the beautiful views of the tea plantations, the Rwenzori mountains, Kibale rain forest and Kichwamba escarpment.

All activities around the crater lakes are guided by an interpretive local community guide who knows the best trails that connect each lake to other. A small fee ranging between $10 -$20 is charged for a guided tour which must be paid to the community tour office before the begining of the walking Safari. The time and length of the nature walk or hiking usually depend on arrangements with the guide but mostly it takes between 2 – 4 hours or even to a full day.

Ndali Crater lakes - Tours Around Kibale

Accommodation around the Ndali kasenda crater lakes range from budget to midrange and luxury lodges. These lodges are well situated on the edge of the lakes to give you perfect views of the surrounding, enough comfort and a beautiful environment for relaxation so as to carry out all your activities on time.

Tourist lodges near the crater lakes region include; Ndali lodge, Kyaninga lodge, Papaya lake lodge, Primate Lodge kibale, Isunga lodge, Crater Safari lodge, Chimpanzee Forest lodge, Rweteera Safari park, CVK Campsite, Lake Nkuruba nature reserve and community campsite, kibale forest camp and many more.


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