Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park


Night game drive is a unique game drive Safari done in a few of the national parks in Uganda including Lake Mburo national park, the smallest savanna park. Lake Mburo National park is located off road between Masaka and Mbarara town as one head to south western Uganda.

The Night game drives in this game park are done in the early hours of the night at dusk where visitors get to explore the park and see its inhabitants in the night under the stars using torch lights. Night game drives gives chances of seeing animals that you could have missed during the day.

Night Game drive in Lake Mburo National Park

In Lake Mburo national park, Night game drives starts as the sunsets around 6:30pm – 7pm and it lasts for 2-3 hours. There are high chances of seeing nocturnal animals like bushbabys, Leopards, Pottos, Zebra and more. Every one going for night game drive is escorted by a ranger guide to lead and provide all the necessary information.

Nocturnal animals feed and graze during the night making it hard to find them during the day therefore night game drives will allow you chance to view them as they feed in the darkness. These animals include mongoose, bush pigs, leopards, honey badger, black galago, hyenas, Genet cat and more. Other animals can be spotted like zebras, impalas and more as they look for where to spend the night.

Night game drives can be done with 4 x 4 Safari vehicle at any time of the year but the best time is during the dry season in the months of June to September. Visitors are advised to carry spotlight torches to easily view the animals in the dark, wear warm clothes as it gets cold at night, carry insect repellant as mosquitoes are active at night and wear dull/ nature blending colors to match with the environment. Remember to carry a camera with enough batteries to take pictures of these nocturnal animals. Visitors need to keep their voices as low as possible and follow the guidelines of a ranger guide. Remember to inform your tour operator/ travel agency to include this activity on the program during the booking process if interested.

Night Game drive in Lake Mburo National park | Uganda Safaris

Lake Mburo national park offers other various activities apart from night game drives that any visitor on a Safari in Uganda can take part in. these are day game drives, bird watching, horseback riding, Boat cruise on lake Mburo, spot fishing, nature walks, bicycle tours, cultural encounters and more.

The park has nice accommodations ranging from budget to luxury both within the park and around the park. Some of these are Mihingo lodge, Kigambira Safari lodge, Arcadia cottages, Leopard Rest Camp, Eagles nest lodge, Lake Mburo Safari lodge, Rwakobo Rock Lodge, Rwonyo Rest camp, Mantana tented camp and more.

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