Nkuringo community tour & Conservation of mountain gorillas takes place in the southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable national park Uganda. The Walking tours in Nkuringo village are conducted Responsibly by Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation (NCCDF) which aims at conserving the mountain gorillas in Nkuringo sector and helping the community gain from gorilla trekking tourism in the area. NCCDF employs locals to work as staff and guides of Nkuringo community walking tour.

Nkuringo Community Tour - Bwindi Gorilla Safaris Experts Uganda

Nkuringo community tour offers amazing views of the volcanic mountains across the Uganda-Congo boarder and the great scenery of Nkuringo sector. Visitors get to visit the local people and learn about their lifestyles and way of living.

Travelers undertaking Nkuringo community tours get chance to visit a popular black smith to see how he still uses the Old Stone Age system of making tools by using a hot charcoal furnace and molds them into tools like saucepans, knives, arrows, pangas and more.

Visitors can also visit a home of Cecilia with several traditional huts having cooking pots, items to brew local alcohol and more. Visitors also get a chance to visit a local medicine man who uses local herbs from the forest to treat several illness.

He will demonstrate to visitors some of the medicines he uses in treating local people. Nkuringo community tours also offers Visitors an opportunity to visit local schools and see how young children in the community strive to succeed in life despite the hardships and lack of the basic needs.

During this Nkuringo community walk tour you will also learn how the local people go about their daily lives with no technology at all like washing clothes and digging using a hoe. While on the same village tour, you can also share a meal with one of the community homes. The Responsible tourism in Nkuringo has helped the community members earn a living by selling hand crafts to tourists who come to see gorillas, working as guides and benefiting from the community developments done using the tourism proceeds.

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