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The Lake Kivu Rwanda Beaches, Holidays, Picnics, Nightlife Vacations

Lake Kivu Rwanda lies in western side and is one of a string of huge freshwater lakes which lie along Africa’s Great Rift Valley. Dominating the border between Rwanda and the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo); Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s largest lake, and the sixth largest lake in Africa.

The real joy of this area is driving between the towns, and it’s a lovely option for a slower route between Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park. Along lake Kivu, road gently curves back and forth as it weaves through hills and mountains beside the lake from Gisenyi all the way to Cyangugu. With Kibuye almost at its centre point. Every corner produces another gorgeous view.

Facts about Lake Kivu Rwanda

Eucalyptus trees line the road, while every inch of the hills seems to be terraced with bananas. Villagers smile and wave, and children constantly call out “Abuzungu!” as you drive past (the Kinyarwanda term for white people, like “Muzungu” in Swahili). You’ll end up with hands tired from waving, and feel like royalty at the end of your gorilla safari trip!

Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s largest and most scenic Lake – it is where Rwandans, Expats and Visitors to Uganda go to relax and chill out for a few days. There is no better place to bring a mountain gorilla safari to an end than at Lake Kivu where you can swim.

Unlike other lakes with animals, there is no danger from hippos, crocodiles or even Bilharzia – you can lounge on sandy beaches and take a dip in the lake and enjoy a refreshing swim in Lake Kivu. For most it is simply a place to relax and chill out, while other take nature walks, go birding in a boat or on land, explore some of the islands, the nearby hot springs and more. There is a variety of hotels to enjoy from budget to exclusive up-market lodges and hotels. The choice is yours according to what your pocketbook will allow you to spend.

Include Lake Kivu in your Rwanda Safari Itinerary – you will be glad you did – Rwanda’s best place where you can relax – chill out – and yet there are many other activities you can partake in.


Activities at Lake Kivu Rwanda

Water Sports – Sailing, Wind-Surfing, Kayaking, Motor Boats & Fishing

You can water-ski here – go windsurfing or just go and explore the lake on a motorboat of one kind or another. Lake Kivu is known in Rwanda and with past visitors as a place for excellent water-sport activities that are not to be missed. One cannot forget about fishing for some tilapia for lunch or dinner – another relaxing and enjoyable way to enjoy Lake Kivu.

Relax and Chill out

Relaxing and Chilling out along Lake Kivu is the best way to bring your Rwandan Safari to a memorable end. Lake Kivu is the perfect place to just be instead of doing, the relax, read a book, enjoy the tropical sun, the splendid views of the Lake, the Islands, the Mountains, fishing boats, the smell of the water, the light breeze – once again – On your trip, Lake Kivu is the best place to relax and chill out in Rwanda – you will enjoy your time along the shores of Rwanda’s most scenic Lake – “Lake Kivu’. Include Lake Kivu in your Rwanda Safari Itinerary.

Other fun things to do at Lake Kivu Rwanda

Lake Kivu is excellent for fishing and kayaking adventures. Engage in any of these activities for an adventure of a lifetime:

  • Catch tasty fish such as Isambaza, Tilapia, and Indugu.
  • Visit Lake Kivu islands by boat or sea kayak to explore the enchanting lands.
  • Indulge in bird watching close to the shore to see unique varieties popular in the region. The pied kingfisher is one of the most notable bird species you will spot during your kayak safari. It’s the largest bird in the world that can hover without being propelled by the wind.
  • Enjoy driving, cycling, hiking along the Congo-Nile Trail, which stretches along the shores of Lake Kivu from Gisenyi to Kamembe. Cycle with porters and bicycle guides along the trail for a fun but safe adventure.
  •  Track mountain gorillas in Ruhengeri and lowland gorillas near Bukavu. The fun does not end here, go for a canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest Reserve and track chimpanzees in Giswati Forest. These montane rain forests offer excellent nature walks for a nature lover.

Embarking on a combination of these adventures such as kayaking together with the Congo-Nile trail will make your adventure memorable. Before these fun activities, ask our tour experts for the right guide to accompany you. Rwandese speak English and French hence communication will not be a problem.

Best time to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Visiting Rwanda for gorilla tracking can be done all year round. The best time to travel to Rwanda is during the drier seasons, periods between December to early March and June to SeptemberDecember to March is a long dry season for Rwanda, with temperatures going up to 29 degrees Celsius for some days while the months of March – Mid MayJuly to September, on the other hand, are regarded as the rainy in the country.

Rwanda Gorilla Tour Packages

These pre-planned Rwanda gorilla tours are all-inclusive and can be customized to meet any traveler’s needs.