Sipi falls tour in Uganda are the most beautiful and romantic visits to the waterfalls. The Sipi falls are located in Eastern Uganda at the foothills of Mount Elgon in Kapchorwa district, about 277km from Kampala. Sipi falls derive the name from a wild banana like plant that grows along the river bank known as ‘Sep’’. This plant is used as medicine by the local people to treat diseases like fever and measles.

Sipi falls has three different water fall levels at 100m, 85m and 75m. All these waterfalls are beautiful with the 100m waterfall considered as the main. The falls are named simba and Ngasire.

Sipi Falls Tour Activities

Sipi Falls tour allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery of lake Kyoga, Karamoja plains and mount Elgon by hiking up the water falls. The beautiful Sipi falls lie at the edge of Mount Elgon national park, one of the 10 national parks in Uganda. Sipi falls are formed by the Sipi river as it cascades down the hill from the upper slopes of mount Elgon, flowing into lake kyoga in Central Uganda.

Safaris to Sipi falls Uganda allows visitors engage in different adventure tour activities namely,

  • Hiking tour to the top of the falls which offers great scenery
  • Bird watching; Given the numerous bird species like weaver birds, sunbirds and more
  • Rock climbing
  • Sports fishing at river Sipi
  • nature walks
  • Cultural encounters with the local people – Learn about the culure of sebei people who live along the slopes of mount Elgon.
  • Coffee tour, visiting coffee farm where visitors are taken through the whole process of growing coffee until it’s taken as a beverage. During coffee tours your rewarded with a cup of coffee freshly prepared by yourself and you can also buy more coffee to carry back home.

Tours to Sipi falls takes you through local farmlands, lush landscape up to the falls. Having a guide is very important as they help negotiate the trails as some of these maybe washed away by heavy rains. The Sipi waterfalls in Uganda can be visited at any time of the year but the best time is during the dry season of June to September and December to March.

Sipi Falls Tour Activities - Gorilla Safaris Experts Uganda

There are number of accommodation options around Sipi falls in form of best lodges and campsites. Some of the lodge in Sipi include Lacam lodge, Sipi river lodge, sasa bandas, Rafiki lodge Sipi,  Crows nest rest campSipi falls resort, Noah’s Ark hotels and many more. Remember to carry some items in order to enjoy your Sipi visit. Some of these include hiking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain jacket since it can rain at any time, cameras, binoculars, water bottle and more.

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