Small Group tours are journeys where a number of like-minded people travel Uganda together while sharing unforgettable Safari moments. Traveling in Uganda can be done in two ways, independent travel where you focus on doing your own things and another way is to travel within a group of people who may be your friends and family members.

Best Small group tours in Uganda are conducted by local Safari experts and size ranges from 2 to 15 people depending on the group you choose to join. Africa is a continent with great wildlife, beautiful people and culture, amazing scenery and great history. So traveling to Africa in small group tour gives you the best feel of satisfaction at a reduced price.

Authentic Small group journeys in Uganda will take you to view different tourist attractions for example to track the great apes such as Chimpanzee and mountain gorillas. You can also extend your trip to go for savanna game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, enjoy boat trips and many other adventurous activities.

Small Group travel can be to join scheduled tour or join a private luxury travel style depending on your choice and budget. Accommodation choice may also vary depending on which group tour you may choose to join. Scheduled group tours involves traveling in a group  of people who may not know each other but share similar interests and in most cases with low budget. The accommodation with this category may range from camping to sleeping in mid-range comfortable lodges.

Private Small group tours with like minded people who can be your friends or family members create fun and are more entertaining. While traveling in small group safari, you get to share the beautiful moments with your travel companion. Luxury Small group tours are cost effective compared with private independent travel because in group travel , the costs are shared and discounts may also be offered.

In most African safari countries, there are scheduled group tours that allow you enjoy the different destinations and tourist attractions. Most Scheduled group tours have got set departure dates, number of days and destinations and set and cannot be changed once the trip is comfirmed. you just join the set adventure trip with people who may become your friends even after the trip has ended.

As a Passionate traveler, If you are planning to visit Uganda and Rwanda to fulfil your dream of trekking Mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest, do chimpanzee tracking and enjoy more of savanna safari game drives, we recommend you travel with friends and family on a private Small group tour offered by Adventures To Gorilla Africa Ltd. You and your travel companion will enjoy the a private trip of your lifetime as it gives you space and enough freedom to do what you want in the way you want it.

Small group tours to Bwindi

For those who want more freedom to Explore and experience Uganda more, you can take an independent tour or travel solo in a private safari car but join escorted group tour while trekking gorillas, chimps and boat tour on lakes and Rivers of Uganda.

Besides trekking gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda on a private small group tour, you extend your group journey and travel with friends or family to Tanzania and Kenya to witness the annual event of hartebeest migration together with Gazelles and Zebras. If you enjoy Hiking, you can also climb the tallest mountain in African in Tanzania, the Mount Kilimanjaro.

A Small group trip around Africa will take you to Namibia for to visit Etosha national park and the Sand dunes of Sossusvlei, head down to South Africa to tour the might cape town and visit Kruger national park, continue to Botswana and visit Chobe national park with amazing wildlife, visit the Okavango Delta and much more. The above are some of Africa’s highlights but you can even combine some of these countries in one longer group trip to save more time and money.

Luxury Small group Journeys for Adventures To Gorilla Africa are conducted in customized comfortable 4×4 Land cruiser to give the best small group travel experience. If the group gets bigger than 7 people, the group may split into two and for this case we use two safari cars.

Small group tours Uganda

Traveling in Small Group Size allows visitors enjoy the extra ordinary beauty of the captivating landscapes and amazing wildlife in Uganda and Rwanda. Take a private tour in Uganda with your friends, family and enjoy traveling with your fellows on trip and experience sleeping in a private luxury Safari lodge.

The best advantage of joining in a private small group tour is that it relieves you of all worries and about food, accommodation, sightseeing, transport, activities to engage in and so much more, since everything is pre-planned. These Luxury group tours of Uganda are led by well experienced guides to offer guaranted safety, care and any assistance during the tour. With small group tours visitors get to make new friends and maximize the enjoyment of the tour than being alone.

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