Booking Terms and conditions

Follow our booking terms and conditions while planning a safari tour with us and find out how you can conceal already booked safari.

Liability: Before you confirm the trip with Adventures To Gorilla Africa Ltd, we advise you to read and understand the itinerary very well, know what is included and what is not included in the tour package. Adventures To Gorilla Africa shall not be responsible for any activity or excursion or any other item marked under excluded.

Adventure Tours and Safaris involves a lot of Dangers and risks, therefore booking and confirming your safari is on understanding that you come on your holiday trip on your own risk. Adventures To Gorilla Africa Ltd purchases activity, services on behalf of clients and such activities like nature walks, Boat ride, Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee Tour, mountaineering, Accommodation, restaurant, transport, game drive and many others. all of these are purchased from independent supplier companies and organisations that are subjected to full control over them. Adventures To Gorilla Africa Ltd will assume no responsibility for any injury, death, illness, loss of property or any other danger that may occur while you are undertaking these activities  due to any act or omission by these supplier companies as it will not have full control.

Please check your health condition before you decide to to participate in Africa Safari all our clients should understand that some activities in the safari program requires a maximum of good health and fitness. It is a requirement therefore when booking a safari or tour with Adventures To Gorilla Africa Ltd to arrange your personal insurance which must be valid and effective. In other wards its advisable that a person not fit for long drives or long journeys should not participate in such travel program for the betterment of their life.

According to our tour policy, booking terms and conditions , we recommend clients to always consider evacuation expenses, medical and loss or damage of their property while traveling in Africa. You must have maximum care over your own life. In case of emergency you must be evacuated on your own expense and in case you loose your  property you will need to buy such property on your expense. Never leave your room unlocked neither leaving your valuables out of safe place. Always carry your back pack containing valuables when you head out of your hotel room, or else use safe box if provided.

Tour policy, Terms-conditions

In Uganda’s Murchison Falls there is an option for hot Air balloon safari which can suit the interest of those who doesn’t need much driving around the park in search of game animals. This is one of the luxury game viewing options and the cost includes bush breakfast. It’s done with experienced pilots who knows locations of wild life and there movements therefore we arrange it usually on request.

Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park now offers Gorilla Habituation Experience to visitors who are interested to spend more time with gorillas up to a maximum of 4 hours at a cost of US$1500 per permit. This gives visitor opportunity to go with gorilla researchers and follow the movement of special gorilla family learning about their behavior while feeding, and specifically this is done in Rushaga and Nkuringo southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park and for this experience, clients strictly have to be booked in that location to ease and catch up with the tracking schedule. Its advisable to consider your health to undertake long hiking as eventually it will end up taking long hours of trekking.

For Travelers interested in Mountain gorilla tracking, its our tour policy to book Gorilla tracking permits first than any other activity on you travel plan, the gorilla trekking is subject to availability of the gorilla permit, therefore visitors need to book them in advance to avoid embarrassments since it’s also the gorilla permit that determines the location of where to go for the gorilla trekking and where the trip should start from. For example, Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park in Uganda that has more than one  Gorilla Tracking zone.

We as well recommend that tours and safaris which are to be made between the period of June and October to be booked and confirmation done early enough for us to arrange the right accommodation for your stay during your dream safari with us since that period is always busy and regarded as peak season. According to our tour booking terms and policy, we consider highly to book gorilla trekking permits and chimpanzee permit as these two activities are special and trekking permits are competitive in the tour market.

Travelers who choose the photography safari are advised to come with their own cameras with suitable lens to enable them get the best out of their safari as the Company doesn’t give cameras or lenses to clients therefore we will only take you to the right spot and in right time to capture good pictures. Ask our travel consultant if you are not sure of what to pack for your safari.

Its our tour policy that all Accommodation on our travel programs are on full board basis and the entire meals en route are all included on the package. except meals hotels in main towns like Kampala or Kigali where accommodation are booked on bed and breakfast.

If you have any issue to raise during the course of the trip, its wise to inform your tour guide, who will rectify it than waiting to complain at the end of your holiday Safari.