If you are interested to know the top things to do and see in Lake Mburo national park while on Uganda trip, here we bring you a number of different activities you can do on your trip. The Lake Mburo tour activities are so nice to leave everlasting memories in you for a life time.

Top Things to Do in Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda

Lake Mburo national park is the smallest savanna park which is located closest to Kampala city as compared to other national parks of Uganda. Lake Mburo park has tour activities that leave great memories of the experiences got while touring the park. The top things to do and see while on lake Mburo national park tour include;

Game Drive Safari.

Top things to do in Lake Mburo national park, Uganda

Game drive Safaris in Lake Mburo national park can be done three times a day that is early morning game drive, the late afternoon drive and night game drive safari. The park has clear road connections where the game drive can be done and they bring you so close to the wildlife and nature of the park. A lot of wild animals and birds can be seen during the game drive safari such as zebras, buffaloes, giraffes, bushbucks, waterbucks, leopards, Impalas, elands, Topi, warthogs and more.

Boat Cruise on Lake Mburo.

Top things to do in Lake Mburo national park, Uganda

Boat cruise is one of the most treasured activities in lake Mburo national park. A lot of aquatic animals and water birds can be seen while on the boat cruise like hippos, crocodiles.  The boat ride on lake mburo take up to 2 hours while enjoying the abundant wildlife on the lake shores. The birds to be seen are the rare African fin foot, pied king fisher, egrets, herons, Ross’s turaco, African fish eagle and more

Bird Watching.

Lake Mburo national park has over 310 bird species recorded with both forest and water birds making it one of the top places to go birding. Birding can be done in the swampy valleys of Miriti and Warukiri and around Rwonyo camp plus the Rubanga forest. Some of the birds that can be seen include Red faced barbet, Sulphure breasted bush shrike, Grey crowned crane, Nubian woodpecker, Bare faced go-away bird, Long tailed cisticola, Brown parrot, yellow breasted apalis and more.

Horse Riding.

Lake Mburo can also be toured on a horse away from the noise of a car engine. Horse riding in Lake Mburo was started and is operated by Mihingo lodge a safari luxury lodge in the park. The horses bring you much closer to the animals in the park better than when in a game drive. The activity doesn’t need prior experience but rather its tailored to meet your requirements and experience

Guided Nature Walks.

Visitors are welcome to do nature walks in Lake Mburo national park with guided by armed park ranger/ guide. The nature walks bring you closer to nature as you tour the park on foot. Many animals are seen along the walking trail and these include hyenas, giraffes, zebras, elands, impalas, antelopes, buffaloes and more.

Cycling Tour.

Cycling Safaris in Lake Mburo national park are escorted Safaris by armed ranger guide that takes approximately 1 hr to 2 hours’ time. This cycling activity offer visitors opportunity to ride next to animals in the park while viewing zebras, impalas, dwarf mongoose, Giraffes, topi among others. Cycling adventures in Lake Mburo are done along the designated tracks taking riders up and down the valley guided by experienced ranger who interpret nature and animal behavior as well as ensuring safety of riders. Interested visitors for this activity are required to book cycling tour in advance at either Nshara gate or Sanga gate for preparation purposes.

Different Accommodation options in Lake mburo park are available to make your tour experience great and memorable. These include Mihingo lodge, Rwakobo rock lodge, Kimbula Mantana tented camp, Mburo Eagles nest camp, Leopard Rest Camp, Arcadia cottages, Kigambira Safari lodge and Rwonyo Guest house run by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

For the best experiece, carry a pair of binoculars, rain jacket, Jungle walking shoes, hat, sun glass, insect repellant, nice camera and and travel in a 4×4 safari car.

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