Best Things to Do and See While at Semliki Game Reserve

Semliki Wildlife reserve, formally Toro Semliki Wildlife reserve is the oldest game reserve and is among the first protected areas to be gazetted in Uganda. The Semliki game reserve is located in Ntoroko and Kabarole districts of western Uganda and covers an area of 542 Sq Kilometers. Toro Semliki Wildlife reserve was established in 1926  purposely to protect Wildlife in the area including the large number of Uganda kobs.

The game reserve has a dramatic setting within a rift valley between Rwenzori Mountains, Kijura escarpment and Lake Albert. Semliki Wildlife reserve with Semuliki national park are managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority as a large part of Kibale Conservation area.

Semliki Wildlife Reserve

The local people in the area around Toro Semliki game reserve live in 4 neighboring communities which include; Kasesenge-Kyakabaseke Community, Karugutu-Kyabandara Community, Ntoroko fishing Community and Rwebisingo Community.

Vegetation of Semliki Wildlife reserve in Uganda is comprised of Savanna grassland dotted with acacia woodland and Palm trees especially in swampy areas.

Generally, the Semliki game reserve is one of the best safari tour destination in Uganda where tourist can go for their trip and enjoy mammal watching Safari. if you are wondering where to go animal viewing around fortportal, make Semiliki your choice now.

Activities to do in Toro Semliki Wildlife reserve.

  • Game drive

Go for morning or evening game drive Safari to spot variety of Uganda wildlife in the reserve. You will see animals such as; Uganda Kobs, African Elephants, Waterbucks, buffaloes, warthogs with chance to see leopard and bush babies.

Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve

  • Primate walk

Primate lovers can enjoy a walk while at Semliki game reserve that will offer best opportunity to see different types of primates.  The primate Species to see on this walk include; Chimpanzee, red tailed monkey vervet monkey baboons, black and white colobus monkey.

  • Nature walk

Nature walking Safari which take approximately 3 hours can also be done along the riverine forest and in savanna grassland. This walking will reward you with many chances to see colobus monkeys, hornbills Uganda kobs and vervet monkeys.

  • Community Tour

VisitingToro Semliki Wildlife reserve also gives visitors opportunity to do Community tours and meet the local people. Join the Karugutu community Conservation Association (KCCA) to enjoy music dance and drama. You will also have the opportunity to support the locals by shopping in their locally made handcraft set at the entrance of the Semliki game reserve.

  • Boat ride

A Boat trip can also happen on lake Albert with chances to see the Shoebill stork as the main attraction. Birders will also get a chance to see African pygmy goose, blue cheeked bee eaters, blue headed coucal, and blue breasted bee eaters.

Semliki Wildlife Reserve

  • Hiking Tour Experience

Hiking can also be done especially for travelers interested in birding tour, taking a 7 kilometer trail that start at the park headquarters. This hiking trail will take you through the diversity of habitat with opportunity to see  tropical boubal, Black headed bushshrike and Arrow marked babbler amang others. While on the same walk, you may see monkeys like baboons, black and white colobus monkey, if lucky chimpanzees.

Where to Stay while Visiting Semliki Wildlife Reserve.

Best Accommodation in Semliki Wildlife reseve include, Semliki Safari Lodge, Ntoroko game Lodge and in the nearby town of Fort portal.  At Mountains of the moon Hotel, Rwezori View Guest House, Fort motel and many others around Fort portal.

Toro Semliki game reserve can be accessed by road or air. By road from Kampala to fort portal followed by a 31 km journey along Bundibujjo road, turning right at Karugutu Trading Center.


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