Boat trips in Uganda

Boat Trips and Launch Cruise in Uganda

Enjoy adventurous Boat Trips and River cruise on your Safari in Uganda; Uganda is a home to several lakes and rivers with 20% of its land being occupied by water in form of swamps, rivers and lakes. Having Lake Victoria as the largest fresh lake in Africa its shared by the three east African countries i.e. Uganda Kenya and Tanzania. More lakes include lake Bunyonyi the deepest lake in Africa, lake Edward lake Matanda, Lake Mburo and Lake George. The rivers include River Nile, River Katonga, River Sezibwa, River Rwizi and many more.

Our Uganda Boat trip Safaris take place on these rivers and lakes that are in both protected and non protected areas in Uganda. These help in relaxation and give a clear sight of amazing wildlife and exciting views of birds.

In Murchison falls, boat trips are done on River Nile that passes through the park dividing it into two. There are two boat cruises the Bottom of the falls Cruise and the Albert delta cruise. The bottom of the falls cruise is the most interesting, since it links up to the hike to the top of the falls.

Boat trips murchison fallsLuxury Boat cruise in Murchison falls national park

The trip starts at Paraa dock and sails upstream to the falls. Along the way, you will expect to see many animals like hippos, crocodiles, water birds and more. This helps you get clear and beautiful pictures since you get so close to the animals. The Albert delta also starts at Paraa and slowly sails on the flowing Nile waters, down the stream where the river splits into numerous floating island of papyrus zones. This Albert delta cruise is both awesome and terrific and is done both in the morning and evening. Morning session is specifically for birding while evening is specifically targeting the sun set. This gives you a great moment with nature as you watch the sun setting and this is the ideal time to take pictures of sunset on the Nile.

On Lake Mburo in Lake Mburo national park, the boat trip gives you a chance to come into close to the flora and fauna. While on the boat, along the lake shores you will be able to see the different animals coming to drink water especially in dry seasons. You will still be able to see the different kinds of birds like the eagles, Black headed weavers, Rufous long tailed starlings, the pied kingfishers, Hamerkops, Herons, pelicans, the rare African finfoot and Shoebill. This boat trip also enables you to see the hippos, crocodiles in their natural habitat.

Boat trips on Kazinga channelBoat cruise along Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Kazinga channel is a water channel connecting lake George and Lake Edward together in the heart of Queen Elizabeth national park. This is a 40km natural long stream of water located beneath the Mweya peninsular. The boat cruise along kazinga channel is done twice a day that is in the morning at 11 am -1pm and the afternoon sessions starting between at 2pm, 3pm – 5pm. During the Kazinga channel boat cruise you stand chances see different animals in water and on the shores, like buffaloes and hippos, crocodiles and elephants coming to drink. This park is well known for a huge number of different bird species so be assured on seeing many of these while on the boat trip.

Boat trips and cruises are one of the major attraction in the Ugandan tourism industry so be sure not to miss adding it to your program as you adventure in Uganda.


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