Private Uganda Safaris & Tours are the only way to discover the beauty of Uganda, enjoy a gorilla trek, African Wildlife Safari and meet friendly people. Uganda private Safaris and gorilla Safari holidays are best tailor made safaris that will let you enjoy African Wildlife tours and a gorilla trek Uganda.

Explore and enjoy Uganda the country gifted by nature and the pearl of Africa.  A Safari in Uganda is all about unique gorilla trekking adventure supplemented by beautiful scenery, wildlife tour in Savanna game parks and cultural encounters.

Taking a community tour in Uganda will immerse you into the lifestyle of marginalized Batwa people who used to live with animals in the jungles forests of Africa. If you are interested in African Culture, an expert Ugandan tour operator will arrange for you a cultural tour to go through traditional lifestly of local ugandans.

Cultural Tours

The typical cultural tour in Uganda will include visiting the Batwa people, tasting local cuisine and enjoying traditonal dance on a village walk. If your trip in Uganda includes a gorilla trek, don’t miss Community walk tours around Bwindi forest national park and mgahinga in Kisoro District. These places offer authentic village walk tours where you will meet and interact with local people, school children, taste local beer and Gin, coffee and tea picking experience and unique traditional dance and drama.

Take a visit to the Karamojongo people who are well known for keeping large herds of cattle (nomads) in north east Uganda and learn about Karamojongo culture. In southwestern Uganda, meet the Bakiga people with their Unique traditional Kiga dance and many others depending on your Uganda tour destination of interest.

As undiscovered African Safari Destination, Uganda has a lot to offer to any visitor at any time of the year. Choosing a right company to travel such as Adventures To Gorilla Africa is the only way you can explore and discover the beauty of this small beautiful country.

For some one to enjoy the the wonders out of Uganda Safaris, a visitor needs not to just pay a day visit but more days. There are several tourism attractions in Uganda which create once-in-lifetime tour experience.

Primate Tours

Primate lovers will enjoy Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest, Kyambura gorge, budongo forest and Kalinzu while Mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga gorilla national park are just incredible experience that you will never forget. Gorilla trekking is the highlight of many safari packages to Uganda but off course there are many beautiful things to see and unique places to visit besides gorillas when you take a safari in Uganda.

Private Uganda Safaris

To have the best out of your primate Safari in Africa, you need to travel privately. A tailor made safari in Uganda will meet all your interests, budget and style of travel. Combine more Safari experiences while on a Uganda tour to make one long trip that will keep you busy while enjoying your holiday trip

Value of Combined Tours

Different Safari Activities bring you new travel experiences for example, a combined gorilla trip in Uganda can take you to visit gorillas, chimpanzee and also go for Big game Savanna safari to see the famous African big five animals which include Lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and Rhino plus many other wildlife species.

If your dream safari is to conquer the heights of African mountains, Mountain climbing trip and Volcanoes hike is the best to experience a trekking safari in Uganda. The Best Uganda Safari can be enjoyed privately as in a small group tour of friends with same interest, Solo traveling, couple and even as a family adventure holiday.

A classic Safari in Uganda will take you to the most exciting tour destinations to enjoy more than Uganda wildlife viewing experience. Take a chance to explore Uganda’s most beautiful and deepest Lake Bunyonyi, the mighty source of the Nile in Jinja, punctuated by the spectacular Murchison falls, with the thrilling white water rafting, the snow capped Rwenzori mountains and cultural places like Buhoma community village walk, Kasubi Royal tombs, Ndere cultural Centre and many more.

Uganda Safaris: Private Wildlife safari to Uganda

When planning a Safari adventure in Uganda, its advisable to first have a look to all tourist attractions in Uganda and check out unique destinations so as to find which one will match your preference. An experienced Ugandan safari driver / guide will be assigned to escort your Safari, interpret everything in the field that you come across.

In order to enjoy the most out of our Uganda Safaris, you are requested to stay friendly, engage your tour guide with questions and show him that you are interested in whatever you have come to visit. Let’s arrange you an adventure trip in Uganda that will create lifetime experience.


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