What to Do in Entebbe Town – Best Places to visit, Day Tour & Excursions

Activities in Entebbe town – Behind the Scene Tour in UWEC, Bird Watching, botanical gardens, Mabamba swamp, Ngamba Chimps, Airport Flights. Entebbe is a major town in central Uganda.

Entebbe town is a majorly in central Uganda located on the Lake Victoria peninsular. The town was at one time the seat of the colonial government in Uganda prior to independence in 1962.

The City of Entebbe lies on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake which is approximately 37km southwest of Kampala, Uganda’s Capital and largest city. It covers a total area of 56.2 sq.km with a population of 62,969 people as of 2023. 

What is the meaning of Entebbe?

Entebbe in local luganda language probably means a “seat”. It was named that because it was the place where a Baganda chief used to seat to adjudicate legal cases. Also it first became a seat for colonial govenment, in otherwards it was British colonial administrative and commercial Centre in 1893 where major Sir Gerald portal, a colonial commissioner used it as a base.

Entebbe features a tropical rain forest climate with relatively constant temperatures throughout the course of the year.  The town of Entebbe is again is where the principal international Airport of Uganda is located, just on the Lake Victoria shore and its about 41 km from Kampala city.

Within the town of Entebbe, being strategically located near the International Airport and on the shores of the Lake Victoria, it has good Uganda safari hotels and guest houses that accommodate visitors upon their arrival without troubling to drive to Kampala, depending on their program of travel in the country.


Tourist Attractions & Things to do Around Entebbe town

  • Visit the Entebbe botanical gardens that was laid out in 1898
  • Entebbe is the home of  Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI)
  • Visit the Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) at the same time called Entebbe Zoo.
  • Entebbe is a home to historical site in Kigungu where the first catholic missionaries brother Amans and father Maple Laurdel landed to establish the catholic faith in Uganda.
  • Visit Ngamba Island to see the home of orphaned chimpanzee
  • Relax on the beautiful Beaches around Lake Victoria
  • Entebbe is the location of Nkumba University
  • The State house which is the official residence of the president of the Republic of Uganda is located in Entebbe.

Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe International Airport (IATA: EBB, ICAO: HUEN) is the principal international airport of Uganda. Located about 45 minutes from the main campus of Kampala International University. It is near the town of Entebbe, on the shores of Lake Victoria. The gateway to Uganda by air is Entebbe Airport which is approximately 40.5 kilometres (25 mi) by road in the south-west of Kampala, the central business district of Uganda. Kampala is the capital and largest city of Uganda. Entebbe airprt is the only international airport of Uganda. The headquarters of the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda have been re-located to a new block off the airport highway, but adjacent to the airport terminals.


Popularly known as “Entebbe Zoo“, UWEC was opened in 1952, by the Colonial Government in Uganda, as a reception centre for wild animals that were found as casualties.

It’s beyond seeing and learning about animals . Participate in; corporate events, behind-the-scenes experiences, dine at our restaurant, have your children enjoy the play facilities and much more throughout the year!

The two-hour educative adventure that offers special inside look tours and interesting information about how we take care of our residents (animals and birds). You will have a close up and personal encounter with the lions, elephants plus many more wonders you have perhaps never imagined meeting.

Behind the Scene Fees:

  • Non East African: Adults $ 70, Kids $ 35
  • Residents: Adults $ 50, Kids $ 15
  • East Africans: Adults Ugx 50,000, Kids Ugx 30,000

Date and Time: Behind the Scene is offered daily from 9 to 12 am and 2.30 to 4.30 pm

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Surrounded by the peaceful waters of Lake Victoria in Entebbe, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is home to 49 orphaned chimpanzees rescued from across East Africa. Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (Chimpanzee Trust), an NGO, is responsible for all aspects of the sanctuary. Deeply committed to and involved in both field conservation and community education, we work closely with the Ugandan government and wildlife authorities. We offer both day Trips (Half and Full day) and overnight at Ngamba Ecolodge to the sanctuary which provides an exceptional opportunity to closely observe these fascinating great apes in our unique setting.

Take a boat cruise out on Entebbe, Lake Victoria to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and have a chance to view chimpanzees feeding. You will also be taken to have sights of monitor lizards, birds, and photographic opportunities. We arrange both half and full day trips and our boats leave at either 9:00am or 12:45pm.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, you will be directed to visitors center where you will be introduced to the project, its history, our residents and their plight. On each of the two types of day tours (half day and full day), you will receive a personal orientation by a chimpanzee care giver and view a feeding of the chimpanzees (full day visitors will view 2 feedings) from the visitors’ raised platform area along the edge of the sanctuary fence.

We encourage you to book your trip in advance to ensure availability and avoid disappointment.

Best Time to Visit Entebbe

Entebbe welcomes you visitors and tourists pretty much all year round. The perfect time to visit however is September to March which is the dry season and catching sight of the chimps in Ngamba Island is much easier.