White water rafting is one of the adventure activities in Uganda that every visitor needs to participate in while on a day tour in Jinja, the adventure capital of Uganda. In Jinja, White water rafting is done along Nile River which is the world’s longest river and has some of the world’s strongest rapids of grade 4 and 5. The rafting activity can be challenging but with a lot of fun as long as you follow instructors guidelines and safety tips.

Rafting trip can be done by children and adult persons who is interested in both individuals and family or groups. Kids younger than 16 can do rafting provided they can fit in life jacket of adult people and can be able to take a walk between two rapids. Kids can do grade 3 trip but grade 5 has age limit, this means people below 16 year can opt for grade 3 and those above 16 years can enjoy the grade 5 rafting trip.

Jinja lies in the south eastern part of Uganda about 87km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Jinja town lies on the shores of Lake Victoria and close to the source of the might River Nile.

White Water Rafting in Uganda, Jinja

Atypical day of rafting begins with clients having their meal before embarking on the activity. Visitors are then briefed on the basic raft etiquette, the safety measures like holding the ropes for safety and keeping calm in case you fall out of the raft, how to paddle and more. Visitors will then put on the safety equipment like helmets and waterproof jackets then head into the river for the adrenaline pumping activity. Everyone has a choice between the easy and difficult routes. There are guides and leaders that go with the visitors to help in case of any emergency.

The first mile as you start to raft is calm and the guides advise on how to handle the next rapids. Rapids get stronger as you move down the stream. The rapids stretch from 1 to 6 of which rapid 6 is the strongest that usually you have to walk around it as its dangerous. Grade 4 and 5 are the hardest with many spills and thrills but paddlers can always choose either to go through them or go around them which is easier. Experienced kayakers are always in position to help people back on boats in case of flips. Light meals are taken between the rafting as paddlers take a rest before continuing with the experience. After the activity rafters are treated to a special meal as they reflect on the day’s activity.

White water rafting takes a 4-5 hours covering over 25 km comprised off all types of rapids. The activity is very safe as professional guides and kayakers are always there to offer help. No need of prior experience with rafting to participate in this adventurous activity. Great pictures and videos are taken by experienced photographers so no need to worry about keeping these memories but this comes at a cost when rafting is done.

Visitors need to carry some spare clothes and underwear. Dress up in clothes that dry fast as you will be in and out of water. White water rafting is a great sport and activity that teaches people to stay calm un difficult situations.


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