Zip lining adventures in Uganda happens in few places which include; Mabira forest, Zip the Nile in Jinja, Lake Bunyonyi and zip lining at Kisiizi falls. The Zip lining at mabira forest is the largest followed by the most amazing Zipline over the Nile river in Jinja and other places follow. If you like enjoying the forest view and wildlife, mabira forest zipline should be your choice but if you’re a fun of water activities then it’s amazing to do your zip lining adventure over the Nile river.

Zip lining in Mabira Forest.

Zip Lining Adventures in Uganda - Mabira Forest & Zip the Nile

Looking for a weekend escape from Kampala or Entebbe? Zip lining in Mabira forest is a beautiful adventure that everyone needs to do in Uganda. Zip lining is an exhilarating outdoor adventure that allows you enjoy nature from high above the trees.

Mabira forest which is a super skyway for canopy zipline is located about 54km from Kampala city along Jinja high way in Mukono district. Zip lining in Mabira forest makes people behave like monkeys as they soar between tall trees. The Zipline adventures begins at Griffin falls camp and at the end, it will leave you with unforgettable memories that lasts forever.

There are five zip lines stretching to about 250 meters across river Musamya and visitors are always guided by experienced sky guides in order to make them enjoy the adventure. In addition, visitors can enjoy the great views of the forest canopy and on lucky occasions red tailed monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys and birds can be seen. This activity is one of its kind and is among the must do adventure ativities in Uganda.

The Zip lining adventure is completely safe because the equipment used are of good quality. There are also well trained sky captains that will take you through the whole experience. You are therefore assured of safety.

ZIP The Nile River in Jinja

Zip Lining Adventures in Uganda

Zip lining over the Nile in Jinja is the longest zipline in Uganda which is operated by Zip the Nile which has the base at living waters resort. This Zipline happens over the world’s longest river, the Nile and offers the best view of the nile river as one stands on the operating platform.

Zip lining over the nile river provides a thrilling adventure experience which allow visitors to explore the breathtaking beauty of Uganda. Further more, Zipline makes visitors feel the sense of nile adventures from the skys. Zip lining is basically for all categories of people but children need to be 6 years old to undetake this activity.

Zip Lining

if you are an adventure enthusiatic and nature lover, you should not miss to experience zip lining over the nile river in Jinja and have fun. Zip the nile experience features over 600 meters and is located near the source of river nile easily access from living waters resort at Speke monument. Booking this activity is essential before the actual time of an adventure and a fee of 70,000 Ugandan Shillings will be charged per person.

Other places that offer Zip lining include; Lake Bunyonyi Uganda’s most beautiful and deepest lake. Adrenaline Zip lining adventure at Lake bunyonyi is operated by Supreme Adventure park. This zipline offers an opportunity for visitor to enjoy and have fun in the sky across this beautiful deepest lake in Uganda on a high roupe course.

Zip Lining Adventures in Uganda - Mabira forest & Zip the Nile

There is also Zip Lining at Lake Mutanda in Kisoro and another Zip lining at kisiizi falls where visitors can take part in enjoyable Zip lining adventures. Zip line at Kisizi falls is at 15m high and the activity is in three stages. Finally, this activity is refreshing and therefore it leave participants with great memories.

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